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Company Profile

Hello,there.Here is Tengye Furniture.

Who we are

Tengye is an international provider of intelligent and living furniture that helps people enjoy high quality life and experience. Committed to bringing you smart, healthy and happy life. We provide competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services in the fields of modern, art and fashion. We open up and cooperate with industry partners to stimulate organizational innovation and create value for our customers.

Founded in 2005, the company is headquartered in "China's furniture capital"---Foshan Longjiang Town, the branch is based on "world-class design capital" --- Shenzhen, integrating design, research and development, production, sales and service, while Provide products for the processing of several well-known brands at home and abroad. The production line with the world's advanced technology, the international professional team, in accordance with the ISO international quality standard system, the products have passed the SGS inspection and certification, and are exported to many countries and regions in Europe and America. The company has won the honors of “Economic Achievement Award” and “Technology Innovation Enterprise” awarded by the government, and is a member director unit of many industry associations.

Professional manufacturing furniture

What have we brought to the world?

· Create value and high quality life experience forour customers.
· Promote the sound development of the industry.
· Promote economic growth.
· Provide a stage for the strugglers.

We insist

Adhere to building a "world-class smart furniture brand" to build a smart, healthy and happy life.

Adhere to the opening of the border, shake hands with the world, and establish a “mutual, symbiotic, regenerative” industrial environment and a win-win and prosperous business ecosystem and industry alliance with partners to jointly promote the accelerated development of the furniture industry and benefit everyone.

Adhere to open technology innovation, promote cooperation between industry, academia and research, win-win cooperation, and take into account the cultivation of technical talents, and build a solid foundation for accelerating development.

America Luxury Style
Advanced Customization

Product design culture:

The home of culturally emotional expression is the return of human nature. The most important thing is to pursue the affinity of the space and the thinking of the spiritual level. People are different from other creatures because they can express their emotions. Home is alive, a good home space, although not self-speaking, is the window of people's emotional conversation. Tengyi's home design is more about the understanding of function and space and the venting of thinking and emotion. It emphasizes the unity of technology and art, the unity of function and form, the concept of design and creation, the people-oriented, pay more attention to the spirituality and culture of home space. The charm is to help people's emotions get their sustenance in the home.

The five series of products, “Yue”, “Jian”, “Wu”, “Ya” and “She” are designed with people as the basis, paying attention to the spirituality and cultural charm of the home space to help people's emotions get their sustenance in the home.

Series Style Main features Styling features
Yue The form is changeable, with a popular young and sexy charm. Expressing new thinking, new ideas, relaxed, happy, eager and meaningful aesthetics in a casual form. Focus on bright, show off, and trendy, emphasize substantive and economical, and emphasize business and interests. Polygon personalization, with no specific way to highlight, conflict, contrast, etc.
Jian The form is simple and highly functional and rational. Uniformity and the same color or texture to give space expressions and textures, to achieve a harmonious and calm artistic conception. Rational, concise, practical, emphasizing functionality, efficiency and pragmatism. Straight line is smooth, with a regular distribution of simple line structure proportion.
Wu The form is casual, with the natural characteristics of the local style, and is applied by the original materials and human symbols of the region. Create an environment that is original and returning to the original. Focus on peace, originality and nature, emphasizing life and leisure, stressing comfort and relaxation. Based on the free-growing material texture, the harmony created by the natural changes in the texture of the heavens and the earth is used.
Ya The elegant and sensuous flow-changing features express a bright and elegant rhythmic atmosphere with a soft curved curve. Sensual, romantic and beautiful, emphasizing spirituality and taste, emphasizing the refined and elegant atmosphere. The continuous composition of the soft curve is dominated by the rhythmic beauty produced by the fusion and overlapping changes.
She The solemn and grandeur of the form, full of grandeur and grandeur, and the ultimate royal beauty of the top. It is based on calmness, wealth and power, emphasizing leadership, and the unique symbol of authority. The overlapping geometrical circular symbols, in a symmetrical order, present a luxurious atmosphere.
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