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Hello. Here is the Tengye furniture.

Our Story

Furniture, an ordinary word, has an extraordinary meaning. People and things always leave traces of getting along in a hurry. When they are taller than children, they read at night on a desk. Now they write the future on their desks. From the moment you are selected, the furniture will make an ordinary contribution, and accompany you to complete an extraordinary life, and never give up.

The Beginning Of Modern Furniture

From the end of the 19th century to the mid-twentieth century, Charles and Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen, Arne Jacobsen, Mies van der Rohe, Florence Noel (Florence) A number of world masters such as Knoll) and Le Corbusier emerged in Europe and the United States. The classic furniture they designed opened the history of modern furniture.

Good Life Begins With Tengye

In order to prove the beauty of the world, in order to prove the beauty of life, Tengye furniture was born.

In 2005, 26-year-old Tan Shixiang went to Foshan to start a business. In this "furniture manufacturing kingdom", he led a group of like-minded people to enter the furniture industry. Starting from the first order, starting from a small workshop of 400 square meters, Tengye focused on the meaning of weaving happiness in a piece of furniture.

For the family, everyone has their own imagination and embarrassment. Or warm, romantic, or luxurious, or natural, Tengye furniture slowly precipitates in the wind and rain, in order to understand the good life, to match people's imagination of home.

15 years of exquisite craftsmanship, Tengye restored the charm of the furniture and ecological beauty.

Material selection - new wood, imported cowhide, environmentally friendly latex, high-density elastic fire-resistant cotton, focusing on real materials;
Production - lathe sewing, hand-made suede, hand-pull, integrated with exquisite craftsmanship;
Experience - more than 3 years senior car mechanic, more than 5 years senior craftsman, use time to achieve craft quality;
Quality - multi-channel inspection process, meticulous QC inspection, strict guarantee of the best quality of furniture;
Packing - 5 layers of packaging protection, 4 kinds of packaging methods, the whole process of caring for furniture;

Life can never be done. Since its inception, Tengye has been committed to helping people enjoy high-quality life and experience, creating every piece of high-quality furniture with ingenuity and understanding every pursuit of happiness.
Furniture is not only an item, but also a record of countless unforgettable days. It is a witness to joy and happiness. The family carries people's dreams and desires for happiness. Every little moment of happiness will shine forever in the river of human growth.
Soaring miles, glory, and sturdy focus on creating a "world-class smart furniture brand" to build a smart, healthy and happy life, and hope to pass on happiness to more people.

Happy life, starting from Tengye!


It’s a kind of leisure, it’s a kind of coziness, it’s a kind of reunion, it’s a kind of singing.
When the last afterglow of the setting sun fades away
Soak a pot of toon
Turn on the phonograph
Listen to the sounds of nature from the heart
Cooking a delicious meal, the family is sitting at the table and having a few drinks with the family.
All the unhappiness has been thrown into the clouds.
Tengye Hao, fortunately, have it
Let you feel at home
Have the warmth of home
Hanging into the moon at night, the breeze accompanied by sleep
The ear is like a sound
It may also seem like nothing to be touched by things that exude the feelings of the years.
It is the most quiet time of the day.
A stylish and healthy "life"
When a successful smile blooms
Dreaming back to the glorious years of the past
Inadvertently touching the softest place in the heart
Happy romantic feelings at the moment
This kind of leisurely happy life home
So precious
And life
This should be the case
Planting a happy seed between the hearts
With the blessings of Tengye, it opens into a beautiful flower sea.
No need to create, true color, full of vitality
Soaring miles, shining