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Our Culture

We sell not only furniture,but also ingenuity.

Home, carrying people's yearning for happiness. A high-quality piece of furniture not only makes people feel comfortable, but also expresses warmth and beauty at all times.
Since the industrial era, many products have been filled with a strong "commercial atmosphere", and traditional manual processes have gradually been replaced by highly mechanical automation. However, people need more than just the same cold products brought about by mechanization.
Tengye combines innovative craftsmanship with classic elements, not only to present pleasing practical furniture to the world, but also to convey a heavy history and culture. We use the ingenuity to make the furniture more temperature, and we use our ingenuity to stick to this embarrassing industrial age.

Our words

All the beauty in the world comes from concentration and intention. Good furniture should be the expression of culture and life form.

Perhaps we can't say our initial heart, but the world must be able to see our intentions.

We focus on creating products that make people feel relaxed and comfortable, making the home the warmest and most enjoyable place in the world.

Tengye people "win every day"

Passion & rational





Tengye furniture maker

As the so-called flowers are in every eye, everyone has their own pursuits and opinions about the style of the home. As a result, the furniture has many elements and diverse styles. Every nation has its own unique national culture and traditional customs. The furniture with ethnic characteristics can not only give people a space of delusion, but also further make people feel the atmosphere and charm of national culture.
After design, one piece of high-quality furniture can form a comfortable and convenient living environment. It can also build a variety of cultural and artistic spaces with different furniture layouts, textures and styles to form a specific cultural and artistic atmosphere. People's personality, taste, goals and lifestyle.
Tengye insists on the close connection of home, life, technology, culture and art. Combining ergonomics to make the products comfortable to use, it also meets the needs of users with intelligence, refinement, diversification and individuality to create rich The artistic value of the soul and cultural connotation.