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Our History

General Manager of Foshan Tengye Intelligent Furniture Co., Ltd.

Tan Shixiang: Founder Of Tengye

Entrepreneur with a dream, firming the ideals and beliefs, and fighting for life.
"Family" Carrying people's desires and dreams of happiness.

In 2005, Tan Shixiang, 26 years old, dreamed of going to Jiujiang, Nanhai, Foshan. Relying on the accumulation of previous work, we received orders from customers in just a few months, focusing on the production of office chairs for export. 15 years of entrepreneurship, the years have not forgotten the initial heart, after the hardships and hardships, still bravely march forward, with the team in the same boat, leading the team to the road to happiness. Founded Foshan Tengye Intelligent Furniture Co., Ltd., which produces furniture by itself, and extends all the way from office chairs, Barcelona classic styles and other material style chairs to complete furniture series such as sofas, beds, cabinets, tables, etc. More than 100 million yuan, has become a well-known brand of Longjiang furniture. Was awarded a special economic contribution award and passed the national high-tech enterprise certification.

Development History

start sailing
Tan Shixiang, the founder of Tengye Furniture, came to Foshan, Guangdong with Superman's courage to start a dream journey in a small workshop of 400 square meters. Foshan Xiangjun Office Furniture Factory was born in Jiujiang, Nanhai, focusing on the production of office chairs.
Rapid development
R & D and production of classic styles such as Barcelona, ​​adding new products, the factory expanded to more than 600 square meters.
Continued growth
Officially registered company name Foshan Nanhai Xinghuang Office Furniture Factory, production and sales of international classic style, the factory expanded to 1,100 square meters, built a hardware workshop, self-production and supply of stainless steel hardware accessories.
Asia financial crisis
Affected, the volume of orders dropped sharply. The huge management and personnel costs and the problems caused by the rapid expansion caused the factory to undergo a major crisis and moved to a 500-square-meter factory.
New beginning
Reinjecting production power, Mr. Tan Shixiang and his staff are both multi-tasking and carrying forward together. After a year of rest and hard work, the factory has gradually developed new times.
Gradually increase
The business volume has slowly increased, and personnel have been replenished, and the plant area has increased to 800 square meters.
On track
The business tends to be stable, relying on the continuous help and supervision of customers, the quality of products has been greatly improved, and orders are increasing.
Quality enhancement
Started to implement the ISO international production management system, the products passed the SGS quality certification, and the plant area increased to more than 2,200 square meters.
Product transformation
Established Tengye Furniture Co., Ltd. of Shunde District, Foshan City, and applied for the registered trademark of “Tengye” to clarify the positioning of “branding, high-grade, European and American”, laying a cornerstone for the rapid rise of the company.
improve dramatically
The company applied for import and export rights and became an enterprise with self-support import and export rights in Longjiang furniture industry.
Brand innovation
The plant area has reached more than 6,600 square meters. The company has sublimated and extended the concept of home in terms of business scale and product development. The brand innovation and upgrading lead the trend of European and American furniture.
Awarded Special Economic Contribution Award by Longjiang Chamber of Commerce
The total tax payment is over RMB 1 million.
Selected as a famous brand of Longjiang Furniture
The Longjiang Town Government has identified more than 40 furniture companies among the more than 2,000 furniture companies as well-known brands of Longjiang Furniture. Tengye Furniture is one of them.
National High-tech Enterprise Certification
The company changed its name to Foshan Tengye Intelligent Furniture Co., Ltd., researched and developed intelligent technology furniture, and possessed a number of patents. It passed the national high-tech enterprise certification, and the total tax payment exceeded 2 million yuan.

2019, let go of your dreams and work together

The company has more than 10 years of backbone employees, more than half of the more than 5 years old employees. Along the way, the company adheres to the people-oriented cultural concept, and all the employees are in the same boat.
Let go of the dream and win the future together, soaring and radiant.