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10 kinds of solid wood furniture materials introduced, learn!

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-06-24

Now young people’s solid wood furniture,To be environmentally friendly,Real material, simple and modern, saves labor and saves money, practical and durable, not seeking luxury top but seeking your own happy and beautiful.

Currently suitable for furniture, decorative trees, ash, oak(White oak, red oak), rubberwood, pine, elm, walnut, teak, fir, camphor, elm, nanmu(Jinshen), cherry wood, maple, etc.

Which kind of wood is good for solid wood furniture??The difference in furniture price, service life and decorative effect of different wood species is also very large. It is necessary to accurately identify the tree species and purchase suitable solid wood furniture to understand the performance characteristics of some common woods.

Wood furniture wood classification introduction

Solid wood furniture can be roughly divided into two categories, one is pure solid wood furniture, that is, all the materials of the furniture are solid wood, and the other is imitation solid wood furniture, mainly refers to the furniture made of solid wood and wood-based panels.

Of course, the real solid wood furniture is the first, that is, the material has not been reworked, and no furniture made of wood-based panels is used.

1Pine(Masson pine, Pinus sylvestris)

Pine furniture is both environmentally friendly and cheap, especially for children's furniture.

There are two main types of pine furniture, one is Pinus massoniana, the other is Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, which is mainly composed of Pinus sylvestris. It is an important raw material for man-made fiberboard in decoration. Pinus massoniana texture is straight or oblique, and the structure is medium to thick.

The disadvantage is that the cracking is more serious when dry. Not resistant to corrosion. Poor paint and adhesive properties. Strong nail holding power, relatively less used as woodworking board in furniture, the price of wood board is generally the same size fir integrated board or large core board3Times around.

Pinus sylvestris is widely used as a medium-grade solid wood furniture, and many log furniture are made of pine. The pine wood is stronger, the texture is clearer, and the wood is better. Compared to the Chinese fir, the wood grain of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica is more beautiful, and the wood knot is less.


The largest proportion used in decorative panels is the ash panel. The reason for using this panel is that it is inseparable from its characteristics. The ash is known as ash, which belongs to the wood of the genus Oleaceae, the main producing area. For China's Northeast, North China, Russia and other places.

The biggest advantage of ash is that its texture is beautiful and clear. For example, as a veneer or furniture, brush varnish or whitening can best reflect its beautiful pattern, suitable for modern minimalist style, and ash panel It is also a decorative panel with a lower price.

The disadvantage is that if it is used as a solid wood furniture, the deformation is large, so if the ash is made of solid wood, it is often spliced ​​with small wooden blocks. The ash furniture that is seen in the furniture store is mostly the main frame of ash wood, and the large area is afflicted with ash wood, which is because of the large deformation and shrinkage of ash.

3,oak(White oak, red oak)

Oak is also a kind of decorative wood that everyone loves. Oak is a common name. The real name of real oak is called eucalyptus, which belongs to the family Fagaceae and genus.

Red oak is called red numb, white oak is called white numbness. In fact, red oak is not really red, but wood yellow is some pink, white oak is not white, but light yellow, which causes red oak. The difference in white oak color is not very large.

The oak is characterized by heavy hardness, straight texture, thick structure, elegant color and beautiful texture, high mechanical strength and wear resistance, but the wood is not easy to dry and saw and cut. At the same time, if the large area is deformed, the oak pattern also has straight lines. The difference between the horizontal stripes and the horizontal stripes is better, and the price is slightly more expensive.

To pay attention to the use of oak, many use Southeast Asian rubber wood to impersonate oak, pay attention when buying wood and furniture. For rubber wood, the method of identification is rubber wood with odor, easy insects and corrosion.


Its biggest feature is rich in rich aroma, which can be used to deworm, mites, mold, and sterilize. Mothballs are made from spices in eucalyptus. The tree has a large diameter, a wide material width and a beautiful pattern.

The eucalyptus wood is fine and has a natural and beautiful texture. The texture is tough, not easy to break, and it is not easy to crack. It is the material of choice for carving technology since ancient times.

In the decoration, the coffin is mainly used for the backboard and drawer board of furniture, especially the clothes box, book box, cabinet, etc. China's coffin box is famous both at home and abroad.

But eucalyptus is less likely to make a bed, because the scent of eucalyptus can affect the quality of sleep, excitement and even insomnia, and may also cause dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.


"榆木疙瘩" is to describe people who do not open up, and it is difficult to solve the problem.

From this word, we can see some of the properties of eucalyptus, the width of the eucalyptus wood is large, and the texture is excellent.;The deformation rate is small, the wood is tough, the texture is clear, the hardness and strength are moderate, the carving is suitable, the planing surface is smooth, the string surface pattern is beautiful, and the pattern of “chicken wing wood” is available for furniture and decoration.

The furniture made of eucalyptus is rough and rustic. And the wood is cost-effective, a Chinese antique full beech wood dining table includes6Chair in3000-4000Yuan or so.


Elm is also known as eucalyptus, which is produced in the south of China. The wood is firm and the texture is beautiful. It can be used for construction and utensils. There are many kinds of eucalyptus, and the center material is reddish brown."Blood", some eucalyptus has a natural beautiful large pattern, the color is similar to rosewood.

Ancient China hasThe theory of “Northern South China” refers to the fact that the northern furniture is mainly made of eucalyptus, and the southern furniture is made of eucalyptus. Therefore, eucalyptus and eucalyptus are good materials for building furniture in the past, and can be used as beds, tables, cabinets, etc.

Elm can also be used as a veneer, and many of the red enamel panels are used for decoration.

7,Walnut wood

Walnut wood, commonly known as walnut, is one of the most precious woods in the world. Especially in European countries, walnut, mahogany and oak are called three precious woods.

The hardness of walnut is medium to slightly hard, the fiber structure is fine and uniform, and has strong toughness, especially in the aspects of anti-vibration and anti-wear, and has certain resistance to bending and corrosion.

There are two kinds of walnut trees in China: walnut and walnut. The walnut furniture is almost unique to Shanxi. The walnuts seen in the south are generally imported. The price of walnuts produced in different places is very different. To see clearly.


The colors of these woods are not all red, such as the ebony and striped ebony wood of the persimmon family, and the wenge wood of the genus. The reason why they are classified in the mahogany is to combine the performance, texture, use and social recognition of the wood.

8,Chinese fir

Chinese fir is the cheapest wood that can be reached. It is a unique fast-growing commodity tree species in China. It is characterized by fast growth, good material, straight wood texture, uniform structure, light and tough material, moderate strength, and scent of fir.,The material contains "Cymbolium", which is resistant to insects and is easy to process.

Fir is a softwood, and its main disadvantages are two.

One is because the Chinese fir is a fast-growing material.4-6In the year, the production is rapid, the natural wood fiber is loose, and the moisture content is large, the surface hardness is soft, and the external force is easy to cause scratches.

The second drawback is that there is a lot of scars, and every other small distance there is a black knot. Therefore, fir is generally used less for furniture, but is used to make pulp, blockboard, MDF, particle board, keel, or an inner baffle made of finger joints for furniture.

10,Black walnut

The black walnut color is not black, but golden brown, taupe.

The price of wood is high, and the yield is lower than that of other North American materials. It has a grade and a high temperament.

Note that only the American black walnut is called black walnut. Others, no matter what is South American walnut or Brazilian walnut or European walnut, can't be called black walnut.

There is only one kind of black walnut, the United States, the scientific name is calledBlack Walnut,Walnut scientific nameWalnut,There are many places of origin, South America, Africa, and Europe, but they cannot be called black walnuts.

So many solid wood, which is your favorite??