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10 tips on furniture maintenance, help you stay away from the dirty!

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-08-16

The maintenance and cleaning of furniture at home has always been a headache. Especially when there are children in the house, Bao Dabao’s mother is not paying attention, small brushes, dirty handprints, etc. all run to the wall or the sofa. .

Can't wash with water, don't dare to rub it hard, can only stay on top and wave to you every day.~~

Today, Xiaobian will bring some dry goods, so that you will no longer worry about the dirty furniture!

One,Milk (it's too expensive to expire)

The oil of wooden furniture, take a clean rag to soak in the milk, and then wipe the wooden furniture such as tables, cabinets, etc., the decontamination effect is very good, and finally wipe it again with water, it will be more bright and bright.


The dirt of the refrigerator casing, plastic top, door, etc. in the home can be wiped slowly with a soft cloth and a little toothpaste. If the stain is more difficult to handle, squeeze some toothpaste and wipe it repeatedly. Because the toothpaste contains abrasives, the detergency is very strong.


Fabrics, plush sofas, plush fabric sofas can be brushed with a little diluted alcohol, then blown dry with a hair dryer, in case of juice stains, use1Mix the teaspoon soda powder with water and then wipe it with a cloth. The stain will fade.

Household alcohol is acceptable, and it can be used for disinfection if it is accidentally injured.

four,White radish

Seasoning stains on kitchen countertops, scrubbed with white radish slices and a little detergent, can have unexpected effects.

Fives,Ice cubes to remove chewing gum

Now there are two small grids specially made of ice cubes in the refrigerator at home. If you have nothing, you can fill in the water to make some, wrap the ice in a plastic bag, cover the chewing gum dropped on the carpet, and feel hard. Brush it with a brush and it won't be where it is.

six,Leftover apple core

There is a layer of oil in the kitchen sink for a long time. This time will make the surrounding yellow and hard to clean. If you have a freshly eaten apple, use the apple core to wipe the oil, it will have a certain effect, because the core contains pectin, and pectin has the effect of removing grease.


Do not use a damp cloth to wipe the soup on the carpet. You should use a clean dry cloth or a towel to absorb the water, then sprinkle some salt on the stain. After the salt surface is infiltrated and absorbed, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the salt, and then use a brush to level the carpet.

Eight,Egg white

Cooking a little bit of egg white left in the egg, can be used to scrub the leather sofa, bedside and so on. Wipe off some egg whites with a clean flannel to remove stains and make the leather surface shine.

nine,Tea residue

Tea slag can be said to be a treasure of waste utilization, in addition to watering flowers as a fertilizer, wash your face, soak your feet and so on. Newly bought wooden furniture often has a pungent smell of paint. After scrubbing it with tea several times, its odor will fade away and it will work better than detergent.

Using greasy tea leaves to scrub oily pots, wood, bamboo tables and chairs, can also make it more smooth.

ten,plastic wrap

The kitchen's fume is stubborn, unpleasant and easy to increase, and the wall on the stove near the stove is even worse. A layer of cling film can be evenly laid on the wall. Due to the easy adhesion of the wrap film, and the transparent shape, the naked eye is not easy to detect. After a few weeks, the wrap film is covered with oil. Just peel off the wrap and gently lay a layer again. Laborious. For busy housewives, this is also a great lazy coup.