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20 things people regret over decoration

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2019-12-24

1. Out of sockets! !! Sockets must be left more, especially the TV wall, and various places to sit and lie down in the future. It is only appropriate to arrange the sockets in combination with furniture.

2. Before I did my homework, I only needed to add more sockets. Now many sockets are terrible. The design of the switch feels very impractical. Single open, double open, and triple open. Which socket to choose depends on the usage habits.

3. The last regret! There is no prescient surface-mounted dishwasher, often because anyone can wash a dish...

4. The socket is not in the correct position. As a result, not many potentials were completely blocked by furniture and cabinets.

5. In fact, the last thing I regret is that I blindly chose an unreliable company, the putty was not done well, and it wasted the good paint I bought.

6. No dual control switch is installed, every time you want to turn off the light, you need to get up and run to the entrance to turn off the light....

7. The bathroom floor drain must buy the best, otherwise the bath every day will not only block the water, but also the heart.

8. If you use a chandelier on the bedside of the bedroom, be careful not to hang it too high, otherwise it will be dazzling when you lie down.

9. The kitchen is designed with only overhead lights, and the countertop lighting is often blocked by the head, which is annoying.

10. The kitchen is not air-conditioned.

11. Wardrobes, bookcases, and other places where power should be left are neglected. There are many restrictions on adding lighting bars in the later stage.

12. The kitchen is a bit small, and putting the refrigerator in the living room is like a thorn. I regret it every time I see it. In fact, two less cabinets can be inserted into it.

13. It is very old-fashioned to have the courage to plan off the hardcover floor and cabinets.

14. The wall tiles of the bathroom are covered with patterned tiles like a neuropathy. They are easy to be dirty and difficult to clean. Various suction-cup storages that do not have holes cannot be installed.

15. Before the floor was installed, the ground was not cleaned and shoveled. As a result, the solid floor was installed to walk up and down, and the feet felt bad.

16. Be stubborn and do n’t listen to designers well.

17. I wasn't there when I installed the window, and came back to find the white window with black sealant.

18. Without a water softener, the water quality of the secondary water supply of the high-rise is very poor, and the shower hardware can accumulate scale without rubbing it for a day.

19. Don't woodwork the cabinet! !! This is the experience of countless decoration seniors. I feel that the boards I bought are good or bad. In fact, the boards are almost not environmentally friendly..

20. The old wires in the home have not been changed, resulting in the inability to use high-power air conditioners in the living room, and they suffer in summer and winter.

twenty one. The solid wood coffee table I bought was too large. The generous coffee table I bought was originally a small apartment, so it looks more crowded in the sofa area.

twenty two. I forgot to say hello to the decoration company, and the skirting line was installed with a yellowish wood color, which is the most inconsistent place in the home.

twenty three. Using the skirting board provided by the flooring vendor, the price of Taobao is obviously as long as1/5!! !!

twenty four. I believed in the evil of the decoration company and made an ugly and expensive ceiling.

25. It is important to confirm and check after each step.

26. Above counter basin is chosen for the sink, it is easy to accumulate water and mold.

27. Made of diatom mud, not resistant to dirt and dust!

28. The greedy face value made a small white brick, artificial expense, dead ghost, beautiful seam not done well, forced obsessive-compulsive disorder.

29. The tiles did not have a beautiful seam. After checking in, the gap was constantly turning black, sour.

30. Find a friend's friend decoration, the quality is too poor, regretted death.

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