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2019 wood furniture popular 4 major trends

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-05-22

2019In the year, the furniture market will be more challenging under the dual pressure of gradual consumer demand and increasingly fierce competition in the industry.

So what will happen to the market? How will consumer demand turn? What is the future trend?

Through multi-dimensional analysis, combined with the industry's big data analysis, found that solid wood furniture in color, substrate, style, style4Pandemic trends.

the first,Black is the mainstream

Black is the fashion of this year. The black with mystery and power seems to have never been outdated, and it is especially popular in the field of solid wood furniture this spring. As the deepest color, the furniture brand has its own understanding and presentation. Among them, the following3The most common colors are:

1,Black walnut color, as the true color of black walnut, it has continued to rise in recent years. Low-key, restrained, and rich in texture, it is the unique temperament of North American black walnut, which is very suitable for the current luxury trend.

2,Ebony, the color from ebony, is a black with its own unique high-grade, but also a classic Chinese color. It is darker in color, with black-red or purple-black stripes, subtle and not unassuming, with a calming trait.

3,Smoked black, smoked black as a touch of modern color this year, is a replica of the trend of makeup and innovation. It has a refined accent, a unique texture and a rich layering.

second,Multiple mix and match

The popularity of furniture substrates is closely related to factors such as popular color, substrate characteristics and price. The top three solid wood furniture substrates are black walnut, black gold wood, and ash wood, all of which are common substrates for making popular color furniture.

third,New Chinese bloom

If the new Chinese style continues to follow the path of revival in recent years, then this year is undoubtedly a revolutionary bloom. The new Chinese style is divided into modern Chinese, Chinese minimalism, and Chinese luxury.

In addition to the new Chinese style that occupies half of the country, modern, Nordic, and Jane are also used in more furniture styles. They all have one thing in common: subtraction in design and minimalism.

At the same time, the boundaries between styles are becoming increasingly blurred.The elements of "You have me, I have you" are becoming more and more obvious.

fourth,Light extravagance

Chinese luxury, modern luxury, Italian luxury, American luxury, German luxury...

Behind the light luxury is the demand driving. The luxury of luxury goods is more cost-effective than traditional luxury products. Its target population is80,90After the representative of the new middle class, this group pays more attention to the realization of quality of life and self-seeking.

Light luxury goods are not only a status symbol, but also a balance between price and quality, providing a more cost-effective luxury experience, and become a hot area for major brands to grab.