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3 Nordic ins style leisure chairs, May 1 and you "comfortable house"!

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2020-04-30

Only one day left! Only one day left!

The annual May Day holiday is coming!

Remember the past yearsIs the fear dominated by "Everyone Everyone Everyone"?

this year"May Day" has a rare 5-day holiday,

About travel or home? What the experts say——

Academician Li Lanjuan:"Everyone should use this festival to have a good rest, and can also go to places where there are not too many people to gather, but take a look at it, but still avoid the crowds from gathering too much."

Related departments also releasedRelevant regulations such as "Do not open indoor places in tourist attractions".

Most provinces and cities have adopted measures such as current limiting and peak shifting to varying degrees.

Affected by the epidemic, many friends of this year's small holiday will still choose to stay at home.

Otaku= Bored? NO!

Your strategy of Wuyizhaijia is now online. Unlock it and unlock new fun with you!

Part 1 Turn on the drama mode

After starting work, having large chunks of time to chase shows is almost a luxury for people in the workplace.

Since the start of construction, you may have saved several hit dramas.

Taking advantage of the holidays, give yourself a whole block of time, and read a favorite episode carefully, it is the hard work of Qian Shangping.

Refuse to disturb and enjoy immersive chase.Egg Chair, With a unique design to open up a space that is not disturbed for you, in a leisurely holiday, have a truly alone time.

Part 2 Fancy "lie to win", game clouds meet

In the previous year's vacation, most of the classmates and friends came home from the field, and the party must be indispensable. But this year's situation is special, and many people have cancelled various gatherings.

In fact, when the holidays come, while everyone is free, about three or two friends play games together, in a sense"Cloud party".

If playing games is a happy thing, then playing games lying down is double the happiness!

Uterine chair, Not only brings a strong visual impact, but also provides comprehensive comfort and security. No matter in the living room, bedroom or any corner of the home, sitting or lying, the uterine chair can accompany you to travel the game world, fancy"Lying to win".

Part 3 No need to go out, take ins wind beauty photos

Every small holiday, there is bound to be a circle of friends"photography contest".

In the past years, you can take photos of Damei River and Mountain.

I believe that after a long time at home, you have seen many photos taken at homeins wind beauty photo ~

Don't worry, a simple designSwan chair, Can help you become the most beautiful cub in the circle of friends!

"The appearance is like a static swan." The smooth lines of the swan chair have the beauty of a sculpture class. The simple and elegant design allows it to be integrated into a variety of home scenes, forming a dazzling corner.

The above is the Raiders for this May 1 holiday~

Discover the joys of life and let your home stay comfortable together!