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3 problems and precautions that are easy to appear in the ceiling process. It is not easy to buy a h

Hello friends, today, Tengyi wants to share with you the knowledge about the ceiling in the decoration process. Not decorating the ceiling is a very important thing, but it is also prone to some problems.


First: the ceiling is high-end.

Many people will have the idea that only the ceiling will make the home more upscale. In fact, this is wrong. Most of the new houses are now commercial houses, and the honesty of commercial houses is around 2.8m.

If the ceiling is installed in this case, it will not only highlight the aesthetic effect of the room, but will give people a feeling of narrowness and depression.


Therefore, Tengyi always felt that some things do not have to follow the public. For example, this ceiling, some people see that others do not have a ceiling at home, feel very strange or feel very low.

But in fact, sometimes it is not not installed, but because the layer height problem affects the actual feeling after the ceiling. Of course, there are also personal hobbies that are not installed.

Second: a look at the pursuit of good looks

Some friends are making ceilings, in order to make the overall feeling better, like to make the ceiling to make uneven shape, even in the choice of materials, will be based on glass, mirror.


Although such a design will increase the decorative effect in the living room, after living in, you will find that it is very difficult to clean if it is stained with dust.

Third: Fancy flowers

At the same time as installing the ceiling, some owners will install colorful light bulbs around them to achieve the effect of a beautiful living room. However, such decoration is not suitable for ordinary families. It is easy to live in a colorful world for a long time. It is easy to be mentally ill and its temper will become larger, which is not conducive to the development of family harmony.


The above three points are some of the problems that many owners are prone to in the process of decorating the ceiling. The ceiling is a major event in the decoration process. No one wants to open the house happily, but in the later stage, it has to face some troublesome problems.

“Don’t hang the ceiling for the ceiling”, this sentence is a classic in the home industry, and it is also the common tears of many owners.. Next, I would like to share some points about the issues that need attention during the ceiling.

1. Before installing the ceiling, it is necessary to reserve the position of the light trough, so that the design of the lamp can be more convenient, and it can be hidden inside the ceiling to create a warm and romantic effect for the interior.


2, when choosing the ceiling material, we must pay attention to, if it is a poor quality ceiling gusset, it will take shape after a long time of use. Moreover, when we are making a ceiling, it is not advisable to separately select materials, which is prone to mismatch.

3. If you have a ceiling in the restaurant, it is best to install an exhaust fan in the restaurant to better protect the ceiling from damage.

4. When doing the ceiling, you need to supervise the construction master. Make sure that the ceiling is horizontal so that the ceiling can last longer. The construction personnel said that the late filling should not be credible and must be reworked immediately.


The things about the ceiling during the renovation process are shared here. I am Tengyi, and there is more practical knowledge to share with you. Follow me on the little finger.