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3 super beautiful restaurant combinations, with you to open the reunion mode with one click!

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2020-01-17

The pace of the Spring Festival is gradually approaching,

The taste of the year also becomes thicker.

Are you counting the days waiting for the holidays?

Some people say that the New Year is just a reunion.

A family reunion, or a meeting with three or five friends,

Can't do without a big dinner or a dinner.

Exquisite restaurant, hearty cuisine,

Push the cup to change the room, and heal the small emotions throughout the year.

No matter what the time, pick your favorite restaurant combination,

Turn on the reunion mode you want!

1 / Reunion dinner

▲ Simple style restaurant combination

Every time I leave home, I miss not only my family but also"Taste of home."

The simple design concept of the dining table and chair can release life inspiration as you want.

Simply pull the desktop"Transform" reunion dining space.

The use of volcanic stone is added to the table top, which is resistant to high temperature and dirt.

Light up the heartwarming reunion night with warm food on the table.

Made of high-quality solid wood, fine texture, solid and durable,

Make every time you raise a glass and sit comfortably.

2 / Exquisite Health Bureau

▲ Modern style restaurant combination

Dining tables and chairs designed in a modern style create a simple but not simple gathering space.

The post-90s annual friends gathering focused on the Buddha's freedom.

Marble table top, solid table leg structure, intimate bumper corners,

Walk around and communicate without worrying about collisions.

Two dining chairs are available to create the restaurant you want.

Solid wood frame, leather soft seat bag, generous and decent, comfortable and durable, to accompany you every happy party.

3 / Romantic meal for two

▲ Light luxury restaurant combination

There is a simple sense of fashion, and at first glance it looks amazing.

Black and white match, classic timeless.

The table top adopts bright baking paint process, with beautiful gloss, smooth and smooth,

Add some sense of luxury to a romantic dinner for two.

The solid table and chair legs add the right golden elements to the restaurant.

The interesting collision of glass and metal creates a stylish and beautiful dining atmosphere,

Guard you every romantic reunion with your lover.

Time goes by and another year is coming to an end.

When you miss home, home is waiting for you.

Cozy and exquisite restaurant for your reunion moment~