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3 ways to choose a living room coffee table, special attention to children at home, the third point

Hello everyone, I am very happy to share my knowledge with you. I am Teng Hao. Today, I will share with you a piece of furniture about the modern home life, the knowledge of the coffee table.


In general, the position of the coffee table is the center of the living room. Therefore, in addition to the sofa in the living room, the coffee table can be said to be the most attractive! There is a saying like this: Look at the owner of this house for taste, and see the coffee table placed. Of course, about how to place the coffee table, how to put it better, then Tengyi will share it for everyone.

The more unusual things, the more impressive you are. A chic, uniquely styled coffee table always adds to the decor of the living room! So how can I buy the right coffee table? Generally, we choose the coffee table. In addition to paying attention to its appearance, the quality, size and safety of the coffee table are also very important!


First, choose the coffee table according to the material

There are many kinds of coffee table materials. There are wooden coffee tables, iron coffee tables, glass coffee tables, stone coffee tables, etc. on the market. What kind of coffee table is selected, in addition to the preferences of the occupants, the most important thing is to decorate the interior. Adapted.

For example, the Nordic-style solid wood coffee table is naturally gentle and calm, and is often used in partial Chinese or simple and clear decoration styles.


Second, according to the size of the space to choose the size of the coffee table

The size of the coffee table is mainly selected according to the size of the indoor space, and can also be selected according to the size of the sofa. Tengyi can share his own experience. The size of the coffee table is more suitable. The length is preferably 5/7 or 3/4 of the length of the sofa. The width is preferably 1/5 wider than the sofa. The height should be slightly higher than the sofa. !

Third, according to security features to buy

Whether it is a coffee table or other furniture, safety is always a top priority. The safety requirements of the coffee table not only refer to environmental issues, but also the safety requirements of the appearance. For example, in the choice of wood coffee table, in terms of safety, consumers should consider whether the wood of the coffee table is environmentally friendly, and whether there is any problem such as excessive formaldehyde.


For the safe shape of the coffee table, when purchasing, we need to pay attention to whether the table top of the coffee table has burrs, whether the table corner is round and smooth, whether the connection of the coffee table is stable and so on. Pay special attention to whether the corners are polished, not sharp, remember! Otherwise, families with children can easily bump into children, and even adults will have bumps.

Finally, give everyone a simple summary. Buy a coffee table according to your own hobbies, the style of interior decoration, the size and color of the sofa, the size of the living room, generally look at the sofa and then see the coffee table! In fact, choosing furniture is not so difficult. If we want a quality life, we need to use more snacks and have a pursuing attitude.


Well, the sharing of the coffee table is here, I hope to help everyone, maybe when you need furniture someday, you will think of "Tengqiu"? Welcome everyone to pay attention to me, thank you.