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4 autumn furniture maintenance experience, the need to pay attention to the wooden floor at home

Hi everybody, I'mTengWe all know that although autumn is a harvest season, the human body is prone to water shortage, so autumn maintenance is very important. For furniture, the same is true. Today, we will bring you a knowledge of autumn furniture maintenance.


First: hydration.

Furniture, like people, needs to be replenished in the fall, because the air is relatively dry, and some areas are even dry and cold, so the furniture in autumn is prone to cracking. However, the hydration mentioned here is not to let everyone soak the furniture in the water, but often wipe the surface of the furniture with a wet towel, or use professional care essential oil, if the furniture bought at home is very expensive, this More important!


Second: avoid the balcony straight

Although the autumn sun is not as strong as summer, but because the air itself is less water, if you put the furniture outside or on the balcony, it will also cause the furniture surface to crack and paint to fall off. However, this situation is rare, unless the rain is wet in the rain, or the furniture is in the water, so everyone should pay attention to the fact that when the sun is strong, the curtains should not be completely opened, so that the sun shines on the furniture in the room or elsewhere.


Third: cleaning

Regular cleaning is one of the guarantees for healthy homes. In autumn, the air is dry and the water is less. If the carpet is laid in the home or the sofa in the living room is a fabric series, the fine hair and dust in the indoor air may be more, they fall into the furniture. The above will cause the gloss of the furniture itself to be greatly reduced. Therefore, in autumn, it is necessary to pay attention to indoor hygiene. This place is especially taken care of.


Fourth: maintenance

If you want furniture for a long time, in addition to its own materials and indoor environment and other factors, reasonable maintenance is also very important. Now many people choose to lay the floor when they decorate, but after laying the floor, they will not be in charge. In fact, furniture is also Need to be maintained. For example, the floor should be waxed at least once a year. Of course, if it is well maintained, there is no scratch, and it is not necessary once a year. The wooden floor is waxed in the fall, which can better protect the floor in winter and present a beautiful luster.


Furniture is an indispensable item in home life. We spend a lot of thoughts and money when we buy it. Of course, we don't want to see how long it takes for furniture to be used. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to maintenance, especially in autumn. . We should exercise more and drink more water in the fall.


I am Tengyi, pay attention to me, more interesting and useful content waiting for you to share, furniture items can be searched for oh, we will see you next time.