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520 | Assisting love and giving Ta a romantic home

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-05-20

"520 = I love you",

After this love code was discovered,

May 20 has a special meaning,

Become as much as Valentine's Day.

On the days related to love, flowers and gifts are always indispensable.

In fact, there are also sweet ways of confession in daily life.

accompanyTa, giving Ta a romantic home is also a choice for expressing love.

bedroom / Open your eyes and meet love

Romance sometimes doesn't need words.

When I wake up every morning and open my eyes,

Seeing the shaggy sunlight creeping up into the soft bed,

I also saw my lover by my side;

Or during a leisure holiday, sleep together until you wake up naturally,

They are all rare and lucky.

▲ Solid wood bed | A good night's sleep

Nordic log style design, stable and durable, sleep well

Click on the picture to take the good dream home

restaurant / Only food and love can not be let down

If food can bring happiness,

Then enjoy the food with your lover is double happiness.

Not only at festivals, every dinner prepared by heart,

Can soothe the emotions of the whole day.

Put food and love into the house,

Isn't it a romance?

▲ Solid wood dining table and chairs | Eat well

All solid wood material, natural and beautiful, no odor

Click on the picture to take home the delicious time

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520, Speed ​​up for love

living room / Companionship is the longest love confession

Romance does not require excessive deliberate preparation.

In a pleasant afternoon,

Nest on the sofa with your lover,

Read "Roman Holiday" again,

Or talk together,

Or playing mobile games together,

It is happiness within reach.

▲ Solid wood sofa | Lazy time

Breathable cotton and linen fabric, skin-friendly and comfortable, not easy to pilling

Click on the picture to bring the laughter home

We always habitually think about the specific meaning given to the festival,

It's actually not that complicated.

Home is the beginning and end of emotions,

HaveTa can be sweet every day.

520,Remember to love youTa said: I love you!