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618 low price | 4 models of solid wood furniture of the healing system, don't miss the log style

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-06-12

Now,"Slow life" is still the pursuit of many urbanites.

People watch all kinds of slow variety, country lifevlog,

Longing for the rural life with a slow rhythm and close to nature.

Maybe it’s true that urban life is sometimes true"too difficult",

Or maybe it’s been too long in the city’s reinforced concrete,

More and more people want to create a natural world in the hustle and bustle,

Put your dreams about slow life into your home.

If you happen to like slow life,

Like the relaxed and natural log style,

Then let’s take a look at this4 solid wood furniture~

Living Room

When you come home from get off work or take a weekend break, the living room may be the place where you stay most.

A neat and spacious living room can contract your tired and tired.

Tuli flower blooming | Nield Sofa

The structure is simple and the colors are fresh, which creates a comfortable atmosphere and makes the living room more spacious.

The solid wood frame and cotton and linen fabrics, whether it is by playing games or lying down, are like being in nature, and the fatigue will dissipate a little.

Tuli flower blooming | SCARDI TV Cabinet

Interesting square structure, retractable design, suitable for different living rooms.

The clear wood texture brings natural decoration to the living room.

The storage space is large enough to include the clutter of the living room and make the space more tidy and beautiful.

Restaurant articles

There is a saying: the fireworks in the world touch the hearts of mortals the most.

Even if life and work are busy and tiring, eat well.

Tumi flowers | Brachi Dining Table

The simple and exquisite restaurant layout, at a glance, a refreshing breath is coming, as if the simple meal has become more delicious.

Made of solid wood, solid and durable. Whether it's a two-person world or a meeting of friends, you can hold up a delicious time steadily.

Tuli flower blooming | Forsy sideboard

A literary and artistic sideboard with powerful functions is an indispensable artifact to keep the restaurant clean and tidy, and it also makes the restaurant a more ceremonial space.

The storage capacity is powerful, and at the same time, it has the advantage of a small footprint. It can store the trivial items of the kitchen and kitchen, and it also makes the dishes easier to pick and place.

Forget about the hustle and bustle and build a home full of natural wind,

You can be cured as soon as you enter the house!

618 is coming, the above furniture has been added to the promotion!

6.16-6.20, you can enjoy:

① 20 yuan off every 200 yuan (can cross the store), not capped!

② Shops over 500 yuan minus 30 yuan, over 5000 yuan minus 100 yuan!

Double coupons can be used together, not to be missed!

Open Taobao search"Tuli Home Furnishing Enterprise Store", Revel in advance!