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91m2 modern and simple two-bedroom, the whole house has a reasonable color and a strong sense of war

Hello everyone, welcome toTengye furnitureToday, I will share with you a superb house. I hope everyone likes it.


Once inside, it is the restaurant area.

A white round dining table with a red dining chair is simple and neat.

The back seat also uses the sideboard to design the deck, which is beautiful and saves space!

The two different chandeliers on the top are very stylish.

The whole creates a warm and comfortable dining environment.


On the side of the restaurant is the bathroom sink outside the bathroom.

Cut off with tiles and marble tiles,

Separate the sink from the restaurant.

Let the whole look patchy.


The design of the kitchen is very stylish and sophisticated.

The wall tiles are all gray polished tiles.

Plus white cabinets make people feel bright and generous.

The L-shaped design makes rational use of space and is more convenient to cook!


The living room is made of beige walls.

With a white storage TV background wall,

Plus a wooden round coffee table and wooden floors.

The whole living room feels warm and comfortable.


Light blue fabric sofa with a white rocking chair.

People want to lie down and rest.

Three abstract oil paintings hung on the beige sofa background wall.

With a large bouquet of flowers,

Make the whole living room look more smart and jump,

Still warm and romantic.


The background wall of the bedroom is painted in pale pink, sweet and warm.

The wooden floor is fitted with a wooden bed.

It is very simple and natural to put on a white sheet.

Pleated windows provide plenty of light for the bedroom.

Dress up a warm, elegant and romantic break.


There is also a small study in the corner of the bedroom.

The wood-style desk chair and the entire space are also very good.

It is also very convenient for office work.


The bed in the children's room is designed as the most practical bunk bed.

The stairs are also designed as cabinets for more storage space.

The desk on one side is simple and comfortable.

It is convenient for the owner to help the child to read the writing.


The balcony has a laundry area and a drying area, which is very convenient and practical.

There is also a locker on the top.

The storage space is very abundant.

Gray bricks with white walls,

The atmosphere is of a grade, durable and resistant to dirt.