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A Refuge for Tense Modern Life-Eames Lounge Chair

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2020-07-15

As with all classics, lounge chairs and footrests become more stale and more valuable, which is partly determined by their production methods. Innovative hardware fixes the cushion and structure together without damaging the wooden surface, and each piece of furniture has been hand-selected all the time. The combination of craftsmanship and manufacturing consistency creates a solid product.

They are the focal points for indoor planning of TV shows and trendy movies. althoughThe term "symbol" was once abused, but it is indeed a descriptionEamesThe most appropriate vocabulary for recliners and footrests

A seat that looks like potato chips. The other one looks like"Use proper first base gloves." There are now foldable folding screens...

"First Base Gloves"

EamesDeck chairs and footrests originated fromCharleswithRayThe study of molded plywood is also to meet the needs of improving common lounge chairs in the living room. The English salon chair inspiredCharlesFor his creativity, he said that he wanted to plan a modern-style chair with a "warm and affable appearance, like a used first baseman's glove". The plan immediately became a symbol of American planning. Now, these works are not only displayed in the museum, but still comfortable and fashionable furniture used throughout the interior.

"Permanent Wrinkles"

Over time, the cushion can still stick to an excellent shape. AsCharles EamesAs described in this seat, "The leather cushion does have permanent wrinkles at the beginning, but it will also give you a sense of comfort, just like the long-used first base gloves have the same warm, casual appearance." . Each piece of leather used in the seat cushion is different from each other. This is the characteristic given to the leather by nature, and it will show its common characteristics as time passes.

Unparalleled craftsmanship   As gentle as a glove

EamesLoungers and footrests are naturally planned to make the body feel comfortable and relaxed. Both the seat and the footrest are made by hand, with attention to detail. The structure is4Laminated plywood. The cushion is placed separately and can be replaced. The back support and base of the leisure chair and footrest are made of die-cast aluminum. The seat base is equipped with a built-in rotating organization. The shockproof part is made of natural rubber, and the chair has adjustable stainless steel pulleys.

The planning of the footrest is also very beneficial to your health. Many people sit or stand all day, so that blood accumulates in the lower limbs. Putting your legs on the footrest can help restore normal blood circulation.

Extended reading

AdventurousCharleswithRay EamesThe lover put their curiosity and endless enthusiasm into the creation, and established a really huge lover planning team. Together, they have brought a new look to furniture planning: simplicity and modernity. Fun and overall function. Sleek and elegant, the appearance is delicate and concise. This is "EamesStyle".

A planning critic once commented on this pair of outstanding lovers"Always hope to make the world more exaggerated." They did. Moreover, they make the world more humorous.