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A simple design allows you to have a kitchen in a movie, and a small apartment can still be!

Hi everybody, I'mTengI am very happy whenever I think about sharing knowledge with you. Today, I would like to share with you the knowledge about semi-open kitchens. Note that it is not open-ended or closed.


I believe that many people have seen it in TV movies. The decoration of the houses there is beautiful and warm, especially their kitchens, all kinds of kitchen utensils are all available, not crowded, more importantly: no fumes! here is the image.

Most of the foreign kitchens are fully open and semi-open, but most of our Chinese kitchens are closed. Many times, the wife is busy with one person. The most important thing is: the fumes are super big! here is the image.


In this era when everyone loves beauty, the kitchen fume is so big, and it has to endure the temperature during the cooking process. So we are more envious of the kitchens in the movie: the space is big, the pattern is good, there is no soot, and you can exchange while cooking. Can't be better.

How can we turn our kitchen into those kitchens in the movie? Many people say that the original type is small, the kitchen still has to occupy such a large area. If it is designed to be fully open, does the soot not all run to the living room? In response to these problems, Tengyi shares a few ways with you, maybe your wishes can be realized.


Since it is not open, the closed type can't keep up with the times, how is it semi-open? We can design a bar so that the living room and the kitchen still have a dividing line that does not interfere with each other. And the semi-open kitchen also allows people who cook to communicate with their families, the best of both worlds.

Soot is a big problem in the kitchen, so we need a good range hood, as long as we put a good range hood in the kitchen, indoor ventilation, the problem of smell of oil can be solved.

In addition, in our past knowledge, the kitchen is a small space, but the semi-open kitchen can also enhance the sense of space in the living room, see a few pictures




After reading a few pictures, do you think that the semi-open kitchen is really good? Indeed, every time I talk about a fully open kitchen, some people will spit out the Chinese family. The smoke is large and the space is occupied, but they don't like the closed kitchen.

It is precisely because of these problems that the design of semi-open kitchens will become more and more popular among young people. From then on, cooking is no longer just a person, and the kitchen has become a warm place.