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A strong "style" furniture with a certain risk. What is risk? ? ?

  • Author:Tear
  • Release on:2022-01-17

Last week, because of the reasons for project cooperation

Fortunately, I have a deep depth of the Wang of a company in Hangzhou.


OneWhen I went to a furniture showroom

For the first time, a little feeling

The second time, generally

The third time, I didn't want to go again.meaningsee

2Net red home: Furniture style with a match: simple and extravagant, Japanese, German extremely simple

Chinese ancient wind, etc. Not

But it also became the most appropriate living style.

Let people stay comfortable, let the people who look

Strong styleIt will form a spatial engrave,

Space design planning, space matching, not like clothing

Open the door to change

So, choose a strong style, certain Be cautious

Will you always love him?

For modern urban residents

Most of the renovations are similar

But the elements used can be varied, almost global

Therefore, attribute is not necessarily very strong.

become The current fashionable style - life wind

Remember that our chairman said,

The industry we have made is good, light assets are good, all are for a beautiful life service.

So I have we

BrandedSlogan:DESIGNED former You

brake! return

Continue to talk about our topic today

Element global, style weakening

Corynever reminds me of this issue we mentioned in our shallow

GiveTPopular powder? TalkBaohaus

(Board's beetle photo)

What did you think of seeing this photo?


It is more than a feeling, and it is also a Baohaus design!

Vehicle design such as a beetle can be reversed in different directions

Baohaus's products include the following these paragraphs:

(Marshall·Brole's steel tube chair (Wasi chair):

Soft fabric cushion is used above

Whole products are all integrated

Very conforming to machine weaving aesthetic characteristics

The square frame, the frame uses peach blossom and eucalyptus

Light brown frame with flat fantasy cushion

Where is your line of sight? Where is his focus?

Every Baohaus designer has a picture to give them [things] with an inner personality and life

This is why I started at the beginning of the article, and the strong style is risky.

But it is here to say Baohaus, in fact, Baohaus

Define it is a style

It is better to gather it, it is a life design spirit.

In view of historical reasons, Baohaus has no contemporary too many products.

However, it has far-reaching impact on our modernism design.

Worldwide can see the figure of Baohaus

China's 789The modern city of the art, Chicago, Apple mobile phone,Muji, IKEA, the source of design inspiration can still be traced back100Baohaus before the year ago.

Including people love now Nordic, very simple, cold

In fact, it is the inheritance and development of the modern attention of Baohaus.

About Baohaus's past life, online search

I will not repeat, let you enhance the relationship between the mother

But still have to talk about it.

After all, our group involves the editions:

Furniture R & D, production, space design, classic car, etc.

So still say:

Core of BuhausDesign ideas:

1Unity of art and technology

2The purpose of the design is to function, not the product

3Design must follow the natural and objective principles.

Want to know what Baohaus products in our exhibition halls? Come, walk.

In the next phase, it is going to have a New Year.New Year, is there any fun?

You have a design, I have fun with your furniture! D.u -design for u