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About the advantages and disadvantages of mahogany furniture

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-10-21

One,The advantages of mahogany furniture:

1. The mahogany furniture mahogany itself is of high value, hard and durable, textured and beautiful, and is a rare precious wood.

2. Beautiful shape. The solemn and elegant mahogany furniture is unified in the change, with fine carvings and smooth lines. There are both simple and generous visits. There are also carved dragon paintings, elaborately carved imitation styles, and elegant and generous French styles, which are suitable for the aesthetic needs of different people.

3. The function is reasonable. The mahogany furniture has been refined and improved over a long period of time. Many mahogany furniture can meet the requirements of human body function according to the scale of human body function, and it is highly scientific. Taking the chair as an example, the curved back chair and the circle chair are all suitable for the human body and have a comfortable sitting.

4. The structure is rigorous and the workmanship is fine. Most of the mahogany furniture adopts the rivet structure, which is smart and coincidental, firm and durable, and the Chinese mahogany furniture is completed by the craftsmen and the craftsmen. The craftsman’s mind is spent every time, and the overall artistic harmony is also emphasized. Unite.

5. Chinese mahogany furniture is of high value. Preservation and value-added. It combines practicality, viewing and value preservation. Things are rare.

two,Disadvantages of mahogany furniture:

1. Expensive, mahogany furniture is generally expensive And the output of mahogany is small, it is difficult to have high-quality tree species, and the quality is uneven.

2. Mahogany furniture is generally bulky and not easy to handle.

3. The material is generally heavy and hard, the processing is difficult, and cracking is prone to occur.

Mahogany furniture maintenance tips:

1. Avoid the sun, because the wood of mahogany furniture is very hard, too dry or wet environment will crack the mahogany furniture. Therefore, mahogany furniture should not be placed in places that are too dry or humid, nor where the sun is shining.

2. Pay attention to the placement, Generally, mahogany furniture is very soft. If there are too many things stored in mahogany furniture, it will cause deformation of mahogany furniture, so try not to be too much and too heavy when placing things.