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After listening to "Light Yellow Long Dress", take you to play with the yellow match in yo

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2020-04-03

You may not have seen "Youth has you2 ", but you may have heard the phrase: light yellow dress, fluffy hair ...

"Youth has youSince the broadcast of "2", the popularity of the program has been high, and the hot search has continued.

A few days ago, the lyrics were a powerful brainwasher and went out directly.

Long yellow dress with fluffy hair——It is a rap lyrics of Li Xining's player in the program. Because there is no rap foundation, after the correction by the instructor JONY J during the practice, the effect of the sing is still not rap, and there is even a feeling that the aftertone surrounds the beam, which caused the discussion of netizens.

Some people say that after closing their eyes these days,"Yellow long dress, fluffy hair" will begin to circulate in my mind, lingering, Meng Po Tang can not save.

And someone found out"Yellow long dress, fluffy hair", even launched a competition.

Actually, yellow asOne of the popular colors of spring and summer 2020, not only can it be fashionable in wearing, but also can be applied to the home environment to add highlights to the home.

The yellow color is a natural and warm color, with a sense of healing, which can brighten the space.


In what homes can the yellow series be used?

Wall, ground

In the dining room or the living room lacking sunlight, applying yellow to the wall or adding a yellow carpet can reduce the coldness of the space and increase the atmosphere of life.

Chair, sofa

You can replace some sofas and chairs in the living room and dining room with yellow ones to make daily life more interesting.

Pillows, decorative paintings, flower arrangements

Although they are relatively small objects, they are also a good choice for creating an atmosphere. Sometimes changing the pillowcase or decorative painting, choosing a bunch of yellow flowers can light up the coldness of a room.


Yellow is generally high in purity, and it is difficult to use it in furniture.

① Avoid using in large areas in the bedroom

Because of the high brightness and purity of yellow, it is not suitable for large areas. For a long time in a large bright yellow bedroom, it is easy to have irritability and affect sleep.

② Small area embellishment, matching with dark colors

Yellow and dark colors are easier to match. In the home decoration that is biased towards black and white as a whole, adding a small area of ​​yellow as an embellishment can easily light up the space.

black+ Yellow is also a color match that can be considered by Cool Industrial.

③ Pay attention to matching with other colors

Yellow and blue complement each other, and there is no sense of style when matched; close to green, it is easy to have a fresh effect when combined; with brown, you can have a retro feeling.

However, such collocation is more test-oriented, and the brightness and purity of the colors are not easy to grasp. It needs to be arranged according to the overall color arrangement of the room.

The above is the application and skills of the yellow series in home furnishing. I hope to bring you some inspiration.

If you also like yellow, you may consider adding a touch of yellow to your home~