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After the epidemic, what potential opportunities will the home building materials industry usher in?

  • Author:Tengye smart furniture
  • Release on:2020-02-25

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     Starting in 2020, enterprises will resume work and traffic restrictions. They cannot go out, cannot go to work, and cannot consume. All sections of clothing, food, housing, and transportation have entered the "glacial period" as if they were "frozen." The economy of all walks of life has been severely impacted and is under tremendous pressure.

  Many people say that 2020 is bad and they want to restart 2020. in factHomeDon't worry, because after the epidemic is over, the home building materials industry may usher in some new opportunities.

  01 Real estate developers focus on opening after the epidemic is over

  In order to prevent and control new crown pneumonia, starting from the end of January, many cities across the country have suspended sales of real estate. Most commercial housing projects have suspended the organization of press conferences, thank-you meetings, and opening, registration, subscription, and opening. .

  Although the business has been suspended offline, online housing selection has not stopped, and many buyers are still consulting. The sales plan of the developer is disrupted, and the opening plans of most of the real estate have to be postponed, so the peak period of the opening is bound to be ushered in after the epidemic is over.

  After the epidemic is stable, the real estate industry will usher in a strong rebound, and there will surely be no small gains. For a long time, real estate developers will definitely release a large number of new listings in order to increase income and reduce losses. After all, whoever pays back first, who has the cash flow, can live. The spring of real estate is the spring of the home industry.

  02 More people get married this year than in previous years

  This year is a big year for marriage. 2020 is a rare "symmetry year". Originally, there was a "Zodiac Day" like February 2nd, but new coronary pneumonia delayed many certificated and wedding receptions.

  Although the marriage plan has been postponed, the demand for marriage will not disappear. Xiaobian predicts that after the first quarter, marriage will usher in an outbreak.DecorationThe demand will also be released.

  03 More than 60% of families will not give up decoration because of the epidemic

  For previous years, spring was the peak season for people renovating and renovating their homes. However, due to the severe impact of the epidemic this year, the construction site was shut down and the decoration materials could not enter the site.

  On February 1, 2020, Sina Home Furnishing released a questionnaire on the survey of mentality in home consumption under the epidemic. The survey found that nearly 36% of households indicated that they originally planned to have decoration needs in February or March, and that the decoration budget was above 100,000. Families account for more than 70%.

  Although the epidemic is still serious, only 38% of families said they would abandon the original renovation plan. In other words, more than 60% of the families will not give up decoration because of the epidemic. After the epidemic, the decoration market will usher in a "lagging outbreak."

  04 Fewer competitors to survive

  The epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia continues to spread. Affected by this, home furnishing companies are caught in the dilemma of offline consumption stagnation and manufacturing factories have stopped working. The capital chain of small and medium-sized home furnishing companies is facing severe tests.

  Industry insiders said that the outbreak will accelerate the reshuffle and integration of the home industry. Natural selection, survival of the fittest. After the epidemic, the market is bound to pick up. For those powerful and competitive companies, the industry's competitive environment will be greatly improved, and the market space released by fallen companies will provide development opportunities for surviving companies. .

  The winner is king, and companies that do not have the ability to resist risks fall, and there are fewer competitors that survive.

  05 Government drives economy to expand domestic demand

  Although the new crown pneumonia epidemic had a large impact on the economic situation in the first quarter, in the face of the epidemic, various departments across the country introduced a series of related policies to subsidize the industry, "continue life" for SMEs, and strengthen the confidence of the market and enterprises.

  Experts point out that after the epidemic eases, China ’s economy will rise rapidly, and consumption and investment that were postponed earlier will be released, and the economy will have a compensatory recovery.

  It is believed that after the epidemic is over, the state will also introduce a series of policies to stimulate domestic demand and promote economic growth, and "clothing, food, housing, and transportation" will then become the industry's key industry concern.

  The real estate industry is an important support point for the country's economic growth. In the future, the home building materials industry, as a downstream company in the real estate industry, will usher in new opportunities.

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