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Are you familiar with it? Tengye Eames lounge chair

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2019-05-31

The Eames Lounge Chair was designed by the Eames and has become the most important modern art museum in the United States.MOMAPermanent collection!Eames Lounge Chairborn in1956Year, still very popular with the world;2003Year was included in the world's best product design forest,2006YearICFFOn, attracting everyone's attention, radiant; film director of the film awardBilly WilderBirthday presentHerman MillerwithVitraThe darling.

American husband and wife designer Charles(Charles, 1907-1978)Andy Eames(Ray Eames, 1912-1988)Yes20The most influential designer of the century is a pioneer in the modern design field of architecture, furniture and industrial design. They are1946Opened a design office in the year,1947Joined the famous Miller Company in the year,1949At the end of the year, it brought a shocking work - Eames lounge chair and footstool. Their masterpieces include the Eames recliner and footstools, as well as the Eames office chair, the Eames restaurant armchair, the restaurant bikini wooden chair and the laminate chair. Nearly a hundred works of the super couples in the design world have been permanently collected by major museums.

The Eames couple are20The perfect pair of companions in the American design world in the century, in terms of division of labor, Imms mainly considers issues from the perspective of technology, materials and production, while Ray considers form, space and aesthetics more. This combination helps them integrate structural, functional, psychological, aesthetic, and cultural issues across all aspects of product design. Their design practices have greatly enriched the theory of modern design.

Tengyi Eames lounge chairwork:

The curved plate is composed of eight layers of curved wood, each layer is clearly visible, the special curve is more resistant to strength, and the appearance color is more customizable.

A selection of high quality aluminum alloys are more durable.

Carefully selected high-quality leather, maintaining a good natural state, showing a natural and beautiful design, wearable and breathable.

The mat is made of high resilience sponge, which has good leather fabric, comfortable ventilation, good heat dissipation, antibacterial and antibacterial effect.

The origin of the chair:

1950year,Charles and Ray EamesFaced with a new challenge, they have to design a chair that is both economical, lightweight, sturdy, and of high quality. Inspired by the Eiffel Tower in France, they use curved steel bars and shaped plastic to create this classic dining chair. The beautiful shape and practical functions make the Eiffel chair immediately popular and popular.

Chair features:

1. This item isEames Plastic ChairOne of the members of the series, the comfortable seat shell design is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, and with a variety of different feet to increase the variety of use, it is worth mentioningEames Plastic ChairThe innovative technology and materials have made it the world's first single chair to be mass-produced.

2. Today's innovative technology makes the full rangeEames Plastic ChairFinally, it is re-manufactured and made of environmentally-friendly and recyclable polypropylene to make a beautifully designed seat shell, which is lighter in weight and has better heat resistance and chemical resistance.

3.This design is made of maple wood raw materials that are loved by consumers. It is elegant and elegant, bringing warmth to the interior. It is your best choice for nature lovers.