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Are you paying attention to these small details of furniture maintenance?

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-08-28

As the saying goes:"There is no hundred days of red flowers." When the new furniture has been washed away by time, it slowly fades away from the original luster, and stands out in the room with frustration. It seems that our mood is also low. This is certainly not the situation we are willing to happen, so we must use our brains to get good to them and be kind to ourselves.

Wooden furniture maintenance:

Natural wood furniture,It must be placed in a temperature and humidity environment, while avoiding the presence of beverages, chemicals or overheated objects on the surface to avoid damaging the natural color of the wooden surface.

Leather furniture maintenance:

The dyeing of the leather is not easy to fade, and it has a good color, excellent touch and beautiful appearance, so it has been loved by the consumers. How can we maintain the attractive appearance of leather products? Generally, you only need to use a clean and soft cloth to wipe gently. If you want to clean the dirt generated by long-term use, the best way is: first use warm water diluted neutral detergent (1%~3%) Wipe first, then wipe the cleaning solution with a wrung clean water rag. Finally, wipe it with a dry cloth. After it is completely dry, wipe it with a proper amount of leather care agent.

Cloth furniture maintenance:

The most commonly used fabrics on chairs and sofas, the usual maintenance methods: when it is stained with dry dirt such as dust and sand. As long as you gently pat it or vacuum it, as for the granulated sand, you can use the brush to gently brush it inward. If you get a drink or juice, you can use a paper towel to remove the water. Wipe with a mild detergent dissolved in warm water, then dry with a clean soft cloth, and finally dry at low temperature.

Steel furniture maintenance:

Solid and durable steel furniture is the most common in the office, especially the ideal cabinets, wall cabinets and other products, but also an indispensable storage tool in the office. Steel office furniture is presented in the exterior part. It can be cleaned with a soft rag, but avoid the use of rough, organic solvents (such as turpentine, decontamination oil) or wet cloth. These are surface scars, raw Main cause of rust.

Daily maintenance

Keep the furniture clean and gently wipe off the surface with a soft cotton cloth every day. When cleaning hard objects, do not allow the cleaning tools to touch the furniture. Also pay attention to the usual, do not let hard metal products or other sharp objects collide with the furniture to protect the surface from the appearance of hard marks and hanging silk.