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Barcelona Chairs - the classic of the king

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-07-24

United KingdomBBCThe radio filmed a documentary called "Design ClassicPart of it is "Barcelona Chair". This chair not only said that there was a "king of the king", but it was originally designed for the Spanish king and queen to visit the German Pavilion at the Barcelona World Expo. It is indeed a "king chair."

Strong industrial sense

in1929In the German pavilion at the Barcelona World Expo, there are several steel chairs, beige leather surfaces, and the structure is made of steel sheets that are cross-bent and curved. It has a strong industrial sense; the seat is designed with a strong aristocratic style. . This "Barcelona Chair"(Barcelona chairs)One of the designers is the famous German architect Ludwig.Mies.Where.De.LuoLudwig Mies van der Rohe,1886-1969, often referred to as "Miss"), when it came out, it became a classic. First, the New York Museum of Modern Art collection was exhibited, and then at the US Noel Company (KnollLimited production, becoming one of the most classic works of modern design in the world, popular for many years, so far strong.

1929In the year, the World Expo was held in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Mies was appointed by the German Weimar government to design the German Pavilion of this international fair.(German PavilionAlso often referred to asBarcelona Pavilion)This is the most important architectural work of Mies before the Second World War. Although this is the first milestone in which Mies concentrated on his own design ideas, the building, which was later referred to as the “Barcelona Pavilion”, is not large in size and covers only17Meter width,53.6The meter is long and the whole design is located on a platform, which is composed of two parts inside and outside the field.

The top of the building is a thin reinforced concrete flat roof supported by nickel-plated steel columns. The interior is spacious and partially separated by light-colored striped marble, green Tinian marble and translucent glass walls to form several different exhibition areas; outdoor is a rectangular pool, except There is no female decoration outside of a female human sculpture. The interior space is also completely unadorned, just a few steel chairs designed by him.- "Barcelona Chair".

This armrestless chair and the modernist design of the German Pavilion have a unified place and a strong aristocratic temperament. The overall design of the German Pavilion reflects Mies's functionalist stance and early reductionist tendencies, as well as the aristocratic style of the Spanish royal family. This project has made Mies a recognized design master in the world.- It can be said that the German Pavilion at the Barcelona International Fair is an important turning point and milestone in the design career of Mies.

We have seen the description of Barcelona chairs in many articles, but there are often a few confusing places. The first one, many people say that this chair is designed by Mies. In fact, there are two designers: one is Mies, the other is German product designer Li Li.LeschLilly Reich,18851947).

Because Lacey died in the early post-war period, later generations thought that Mies was the only designer, which was actually a misunderstanding. Secondly, many people think that this chair is designed for the German Pavilion of the Barcelona World Expo. In fact, this chair designed by Mies is a result of its gradual development. The original prototype appeared in the Czech city of Brno (designed in Mies)Brno) of the Tugenhart Residence (Villa Tugendhat), the earlier steel sheet structure was connected by rivets;1950In the year he redesigned it to become the welded structure of the stainless steel sheet we are seeing now. The earlier cushion leather was ivory (beige) and was redesigned into the now common Povinie black leather (Bovine leather).

The China Academy of Art in Hangzhou collected a number of European modernist designs a few years ago, including the prototype of the initial riveting, which can be used as an important basis for studying the design process of this chair.

The third problem that is confusing is that Mies's chair represents pure modernism, a functionalist product, and functionalism is durable and popular. We say that most of the classic works of modern design are designed for the public, hoping to give the ordinary middle class a comfortable and durable design, but the Barcelona chair is one of the special exceptions, this chair is dedicated to visiting the world of Barcelona. Designed by the Spanish royal family at the fair, I hope to give them an opportunity to get to know the face of German industry. The design motivation of this chair comes from the ancient Roman nobility."Kurus folding chair" (The Curule chair), so the design of the Barcelona chair is based on hand-made, this chair is never cheap. If you use it to explain the early modernist design in Germany, it is easy to say no.

Mies.Where.Delo and Li Li.After designing this Barcelona chair, Lesch once registered patents in Germany, Spain, and the United States, and the patent time is very short. 1930-1950During the year, Barcelona chairs were put into production in the United States and Europe in a limited edition. Lesch1947Passed away,1953Mies authorized the US large office furniture company Noel (KnollAfter the production, Noel has always had the copyright to produce Barcelona chairs in the West, but the copyright lawsuit has never been broken. The chair is now produced and sold under several different trademarks, and is also common in the domestic market. It is the iconic product of classic modern design.

There are many modernist classic chairs, including Le.Le CorbusierLe Corbusier, 1887-1956Ma Xie.BrewerMarcel Lajos Breuer;1902-1981Steel pipe chair, also has a Dutch style pie.RitterveldGerrit Thomas Rietveld, 1888-1965) red and blue chairs, the American Eames couple (Charles & Ray Eames)Chairs and so on. In my opinion, among the many classics, the biggest one is the Barcelona chair.

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