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Before you decorate, you need to know the 11 furniture styles. See which one you like?

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-10-28

Before you decorate, you need to know11Kind of furniture style, see which one do you like?

Furniture and environment are in harmony

American, Chinese, European, pastoral, different styles

Very different

What kind of decoration style are you suitable for?

Modern minimalist style furniture

Emphasis on functional design

Simple and smooth lines, strong contrast

Most of the sofas use a very line type

More able to show simple style


Nordic style furniture


Show the texture with simple lines

Strong postmodernism

Focus on smooth lines

Designed without carving, ornamentation

Represents a fashion

Return to nature and admire the charm of the wood


American country style furniture

Mainly cloth, it can also be pure leather

Can also combine the two

Authentic American sofas often use the rivet process

If the color of the wall is dark

Then the sofa can be selected from maple, beige, beige, and light vertical stripes.

If the wall is light in color

The sofa can choose the dark color that is stable and strong.

Such as brown, brown, etc.


French style furniture

With a rich aristocratic court color

Emphasis on hand-carved and elegant vintage style

Often taking the flower wood as the main material

Completely hand carved

Preserve elegant shapes and delicate lines

Chinese classical style furniture

On the one hand, it refers to old furniture with collectible value.

It is mainly furniture made during the period from the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty.

This period is the peak of traditional Chinese furniture production.

On the other hand, it is a Ming-style furniture.

It is modern workers who have inherited the furniture production process since the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

New Chinese style furniture

Refining traditional Chinese furniture and making appropriate simplifications

The overall shape is based on a simple straight line

Consistent with the modern furniture style

With strong Chinese characteristics

European style furniture

Decorated in European classical style as an important element

Fine hand-cutting engraving

Consisting of symmetrical and rhythmic curves or surfaces

And decorated with gold-plated brass

Concise structure, smooth lines, rich colors, strong artistic sense

Give people a sense of luxury and dignity

Neoclassical furniture

More simplified than European classical is the characteristic of neoclassical furniture

No overly complex textures and lines

More suitable for modern people's aesthetic point of view and life

White, brown, yellow, black, etc.

Is a common color in neoclassical furniture

Southeast Asian style furniture

Southeast Asian style furniture advocating nature and authenticity

Water grass, seaweed, veneer, hemp rope, coconut shell, etc.

Rough, original natural material

Breath with a tropical jungle

Maintain the original color of natural materials on the color

Mostly brown, etc.

Visually giving earth and a rustic atmosphere


Mediterranean style furniture

Mediterranean style is best to use some lower furniture

This makes the line of sight wider


The lines of the furniture are mainly soft

Can use round or oval wooden furniture

Integrated with the entire environment

Rustic furniture

Idyllic furniture generally chooses pure solid wood as the skeleton

White painted exterior, cushioned with flowers and patterns

This kind of furniture can be used as a matching coffee table.

There is also a more common two or three full fabric sofa                                

Most of the patterns are mainly flowers or squares.                                               

Elegant color                                                        

Usually accompanied by a wooden light-grained coffee table                                                            

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