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Boosting creative incubation, Tengye officially signed the 7th Dragon Furniture (International) Desi

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-08-13

On the morning of August 8,Foshan Tengjiao Intelligent Furniture Co., Ltd.Negotiate with the Longjiang Town Furniture E-Commerce Association on the cooperation of the 7th Dragon Furniture (International) Design Competition.

At present, people's living concepts and consumption levels are constantly improving, and there is a more diversified demand for products. As an important part of home life, furniture products need to find more different ideas to cope with the changing market demand. At the same time, whether the innovative design of furniture can be commercialized and truly integrated into people's lives has become an important issue and concern.

Based on the advantages of local furniture industry in Longjiang, the Long Furniture (International) Design Competition has been successfully held for six times with the concept of design-driven industrial upgrading, mining business value of the competition and market potential of incubating works.The 2019 New Dragon Furniture (International) Design Competition has been officially launched.

Tengjiao and Longjiang Town Furniture E-Commerce Association reached a consensus on discovering good designs and promoting excellent furniture design works for market transformation. On the same day, Mr. Tan Shixiang, the founder of Tengyi, and the representatives of the association completed the signing ceremony. Tengyi officially became the cooperation unit of the 7th Dragon Furniture (International) Design Competition.

Tengyi integrates design, research and development, production, sales and service, and is an international provider of intelligent and living furniture. FoundingIn the past 15 years, Tengyi has provided customers with competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services in the fields of modern, art and fashion. In the design of furniture, Tengjiao pays attention to the spirituality and cultural charm of the home space, and is committed to helping people enjoy the high quality home experience.

As a well-known brand of Longjiang Furniture, Tengyi will provide design propositions and awards for this competition. It will participate in the evaluation and guidance of the works with its unique insights into the furniture industry, and explore the commercial value of the excellent design works of this competition. The commercialization of the excellent design works of the second competition.