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Build a home for love | Please check your romantic Qixi Raiders

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2020-08-25

The annual Qixi Festival is coming soon,

According to legend, the Weaver Girl and Cowherd met on this day,

Now lovers are sprinkling dog food on this day.

Every holiday related to love,

Most people choose to use dinner, flowers, and gifts to create holiday surprises.

In fact, compared to the dating of online celebrities,

A romantic home can giveTA's most true and affectionate company.

Love is not only on the Qixi Festival, but also every day and night when we accompany each other.

Romance is watching old movies together.

The well-decorated living room is a place where two people share the joy of life.

Without too many complicated decorations, a soft sofa, a unique coffee table, snuggling and watching an old slow-paced movie is a little joy. There is no boredom, only a surging affection. At this time, another half glass of red wine will light up the lazy and elegant Italian atmosphere in the air.

▲ Rock board coffee table | Sweet everyday

Romance is sharing a delicious dinner.

The kitchen and kitchen full of smoke and flames hide the firewood, rice, oil and salt in ordinary life, as well as the indispensable sense of ceremony in the emotions.

On special holidays, prepare a delicious dinner in a clean and orderly restaurant.

You can choose a simple table setting with exquisite tableware. The two share each other's thoughts in the swaying candlelight, and share the happiness that flows in the daily life.

▲ Slate dining table | Taste of happiness

Romance is a long and tacit companionship.

About one-third of a person's life is spent on sleep. The bedroom at home may be the place where two people spend the longest time together. Share the first ray of sunshine in the morning, and enjoy a twinkling starry sky in the night.

The simple and comfortable bed, matched with the necessary furniture, constitutes a romantic bedroom, which contains the joy of laughter and play.

Witness the affectionate agreement.

▲ Italian soft bed | affectionate company

In a romantic home,

Love and happiness not only exist and festivals,

It's more about staying together every day.

I wish you a happy Qixi Festival!