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Buying a sofa can't tell the first layer and the second layer of cowhide? Years of experience cu

In modern home life, the sofa is an indispensable piece of furniture. As the saying goes, buying a sofa is not only a matter of looking at the style, but only looking at the leather. It is enough to see how important the sofa leather is to the sofa as a whole.


Tengyi not only has solid wood sofas, but also leather sofas. Today, I will share some knowledge about sofas.

First layer cowhide PK two layer cowhide

We often hear some merchants say that the leather shoes, wallets, handbags and other surfaces they produce are top layer cowhide, how good the hand feels, but in fact, for many friends, what is the first layer of cowhide, what is the top layer of cowhide, these Not very clear, let's get to know each other.


The cowhide can be divided into layers. The so-called top layer cowhide is the outermost layer, so there will be some natural texture, high strength and high process plasticity. Therefore, leather shoes, wallets and sofas with real top layer cowhide are generally used. Wait, the price is not cheap.


First layer cowhide

The so-called two-layer cowhide is the layer below the head layer. The second layer of cowhide needs extra processing to make all kinds of leather goods, so overall, the price will be cheaper than the top layer of leather, the quality is not The first layer of cowhide is so good.


Second layer cowhide

Now we know the difference between the two, but when choosing a leather sofa, we still can easily buy fakes, because this not only tests the integrity of the business, but also related to their own experience, no long-term contact or industry Experience, it is difficult to judge whether the sofa you are looking at is the first or second floor.


Previously, Tengyi had written about the choice of sofas in the home life, a sofa, can not completely see the brand, the price, in addition to their favorite, the most important thing is to match the living room style, size. The sofa is the soul of the living room. If you want to buy a good leather sofa, you must first pick the right business. (such as Tengjiao)