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Buying furniture is recommended to buy these three colors, high-end atmosphere is not too late!

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-10-30

The role of furniture in our home is very important and can make our home rich and warm. For the choice of furniture, do you know how to choose? The color of the furniture at home directly affects the overall effect of our home, so how to choose the color of the furniture? Today Xiaobian shares three colors with you, making the family always out of date. Come and have a look! Let your home's high-end, high-grade not lose your face!

First, which furniture color is not too late

1Light luxury gray: extended home high sense

Gray is a neutral color, and it is also a versatile color. It is used in a minimalist and light-style home decoration. Gray itself is a relatively low-key color that can be paired with any color, exuding an elegant and cool atmosphere. There are many kinds of grays that are common in life. They are deep and shallow. They are exquisite in height and depth. The cabinet doors and soft sofas in all cabinets in the house are gray, classic and not outdated.

2White: every inch of a gentle home

White is the classic color of furniture, clean and simple white, making the home space look brighter. White can be combined with any color, of course, white is also divided into many kinds, white and gentle, colliding with the sun, reflecting the warmth of home; warm white and delicate, wrapped with beautiful life; ivory white wardrobe, exquisite and generous, how can it be outdated What?

3Classic black: looking forward to life

Black and white, is the home space, enduring color matching, looking at the furniture market, black furniture, can always create a high-end mysterious feeling, in recent years, the black glass that is popular in the home market, is also affected by young consumption The favored, personalized combination, let black become the classic color of the immortal, but one thing to note is that a single black will make the home space appear oppressive, so you can match other light colors to make the level more distinct.

Second, how to choose furniture

1Furniture materials should be environmentally friendly

From the perspective of furniture materials, there are many kinds of furniture, such as solid wood furniture, panel furniture, steel furniture, plastic furniture, fabric furniture, rattan and paper furniture that has been popular in modern times. Regardless of the material of the furniture, the first guarantee must be healthy. When purchasing furniture, you can check the relevant quality inspection report to ensure that the furniture you purchase is healthy and environmentally friendly.

2Smell can not be stimulated

Smell-stimulated furniture must not be chosen. Choosing furniture requires not irritating the eyes, nose, or throat. If you smell the furniture, you will need to pay attention to the smell. The heavier the pungent odor, the higher the methanol content. However, some furniture, even if the smell is not heavy, the material is still qualified, so be sure to ask the merchant to show the relevant ring guarantee before purchasing.


After smelling the smell, you should also carefully observe the paint. The paint is also closely related to the health of the human body. You need to touch the hand to pay attention to whether the paint is smooth, whether the paint is wrinkled, whether there is any paint falling, and generally normal. The furniture of the manufacturer is very elegant in terms of paint.

4Simple style furniture

You can consider the simple style of small apartment furniture. Most of these small-sized furniture are miniaturized, and the lines are simple and simple, which simplifies the lines of the space and makes the living room clean and neat. Europe and the United States and other styles of furniture are generally biased towards vertical and wide development, while the simple style of small-sized furniture is more practical than the room, which is balanced and downward development, so that the height of the field of view is reduced, so that the space is more open.

5Small furniture

Small furniture can be selected as much as possible, and small furniture takes up less space than ordinary furniture, which makes the space feel larger. It is very important to choose a set of low-profile small-sized furniture sofas. The short armrests and streamlined shape of this sofa make people feel more space in the living room, and then equipped with small-sized furniture such as small round tables and mini TV cabinets. Let the space feel a lot.

6Lightweight furniture

Try to choose light, small-sized furniture such as glass, rattan, and wood. Especially the glass is penetrating and has a cool feeling. The small-sized furniture made entirely of glass allows the line of sight to extend infinitely, even if the tall cabinet does not feel depressed in the space, and at the same time it has the effect of expanding the space.

7Functional furniture

Functional furniture is so varied that it can change its appearance according to the needs of the space. Small-sized houses need most such furniture that can change with space, such as a foldable dining table. This kind of dining table is best to choose a circular shape on the side of the table. It is usually used as a small dining table or a work table. When there are many people, the table is more It can also be lengthened and widened.

In different houses, different types of houses, different areas, our family also chooses the skills of furniture is not the same. We have some essentials to choose from, the skills of choosing furniture can make our home, the space looks bigger, and make our house look more warm. Xiao Bian gives everyone the color of the furniture, I hope everyone can consider it during the renovation, so that our family will never be out of date.

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