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China Red, the ultimate stunning spread for thousands of years!

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-06-02

Color, often referred to as interior design"Soul" is not only a visual language, but also an emotional language that directly affects people's emotions and derives their emotional experience. Faced with the "China Red" element in the design, the feeling is also different from person to person.

Chinese red is a general term for a specific red series. Red first came from the ancestors' worship of the sun and fire. The color corresponding to the fire in the five elements is red. Entering modernism, red has been used in outdoor architecture and interior design. It's all seen.

At various stages of the development of the Chinese nation, there are a large number of artworks with red as the main color element, such as red lanterns, underglaze red porcelain, and red lacquer ware. These artworks are the crystallization of national culture and have been circulating for thousands of years.The special cultural connotation of "China Red".

To create a red-dominated room space, it must be matched with other colors to reduce the vividness of the space and achieve a saturated and balanced color vision.

The most commonly used is white. White and red are paired together, which will give the living room a stylish feeling, not vulgar and glamorous. The combination of white and red is suitable for abstract modern style home design. The combination of abstract white tones will make the room have a sense of hierarchy and reduce clutter.

At the same time, red and black are also white flavorings. The red dotted with them looks neat, also weakens the space and brings a touch of warmth.

The constant red and white theme, the red lighting simplified into modern design lines is the highlight of the space. Once the space element is abstracted, the remaining solitary colors become empty imagination.

Integrating Chinese red into modern and fashionable home with decorative elements of geometric abstract patterns is the best display of national culture. The collision of passionate red carpet and fashionable furniture lines is even more surprising.

The delicate bright red and warm red are intertwined, and the sense of space in the space is instantly pulled apart. The strong Chinese red and the quiet and elegant European-style sofa, the aristocratic heritage emerged spontaneously.

China Red represents festive, lively and peaceful, it is the most stunning background of Chinese culture. The calm red Chinese furniture in the living room, even if only one corner, is also an expression of your unique taste.

Chinese red is the most vital element; rubbing the most delicate emotions into acacia beans, dip the deepest autumn into maple leaves, transpiring blazing fire, condensing the most dense and active ingredients of blood.

China's red is full of antique flavors of Qin and Han; it continues the Tang and Song styles of the prosperous world; it follows the brilliant and splendid veins of Wei and Jin; it circulates the unique charm of Yuan, Ming and Qing. With its rich cultural connotation, it is an intricate Chinese knot, which highly summarizes the endless history of the dragon's life.

China Red is ubiquitous and ubiquitous. It is China's representative color and national pride. China Red has even become a cultural totem, carrying people's hope for beauty and happiness for thousands of years.