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Choose a good mattress and improve sleep quality by at least 60%!

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-07-24

Quality sleep is like a pause button in life, Will stop busy and help eliminate fatigue of the body and brain.

But in a busy city, a good night’s sleep is sometimes true"too difficult".

Pressure from work and life makes people have to stay up all night, which affects the quality of sleep.

You may have this experience:

at nightGet into the bed at 11 o'clock and surf the Internet at 1 o'clock in the morning;

Toss and turnStill can't find a comfortable enough sleeping position for 1 hour

Working overtime until late at night, I feel like the alarm goes off as soon as I close my eyes...

"Sleep late, sleep short, sleep lightly"Any word can describe the sleep status of most modern people.

If you don’t sleep well at night, you can’t wake up during the day, bad sleeping habits will form a vicious circle, bring trouble to work and life, and even affect your health.

When the biological clock gradually loses control and there are more and more owls at night, what should be done to save sleep?

It is important to better manage time and develop good sleeping habits, and creating a good sleeping environment cannot be ignored.

In addition to paying attention to the color matching, lighting and other factors in the bedroom decoration, but also paying attention to the mattress that accompanies you to sleep every day.

A high-quality mattress can not only help you fall asleep as soon as possible and improve the quality of sleep, but also care for your spine, making you reluctant to leave it.

How to choose a good mattress that suits you?

l Smell

No matter which material you like, useNatural materials(Such asCoir,emulsionEtc.) The mattresses made of mattresses generally do not smell too strong. If it is usedPolyurethane compounds or plastic foam pads with excessive formaldehyde content pretend to be natural mattresses, There is a more pungent smell.

l Look at work

See the quality of a mattress,The most intuitive, can be observed with the naked eyeIs the surface workmanship details.Good materials are generally flat after careful workmanship andNo obvious wrinkles,Will not appearJumper etc.Happening.

l hardness degree

Don’t blindly pursue a soft mattress,Good mattress softnesswantModerate. Such a mattressTalentreasonableSupporting every part of the body is beneficial to the health of the spine.

Preferred mattress recommendation

Latex spring mattress

Enjoy a deep sleep with you

Thailand imported natural latex, good material and more comfortable

Autocratic"How do I feel uncomfortable to sleep" this question

Natural latex material+Honeycomb structure

Soft and odorless, perfect comfort

With high elasticity and good support

No matter what sleeping position you like

It can adapt well

Stainless steel straight spring, no abnormal noise, rest assured

Longitudinal series supporting partial pressure

Make the mattress fit the human body

after18,000 rolling tests

No collapse, no deformation

Give you a longer company

Crafted to give you a better sleep experience

The overall surface pattern of the mattress is exquisite

Even and beautiful edge routing

Round and natural corners

Prevent children from bumping when playing

Real materials, good quality can be known as soon as you sleep

Riding the wind and waves outside during the day

Go home at night and leave the pressure to it

Get rid of fatigue and get a good sleep

"A good rest is for a better start",

Choose a good mattress and sleep well,

Embrace the beauty in life~