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Cloth sofas are difficult to clean, master these points and make your fabric sofa look new.

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-06-11

The sofa can be said to be an important part of the furniture, it is the facade of the home. A stained, dirty sofa not only affects the appearance, but also leaves a impression of not being clean, and it also breeds bacteria. The following tricks from Tengyi Furniture will make your home sofa look new.

Nowadays, more and more popular is the fabric sofa. The fabric sofa gives people a simple and comfortable feeling. It is the first sofa material of the modern family. However, if it is not cleaned for a long time, the sofa becomes dirty and affects the appearance.

First, the alcohol cleaning method  

Step :

1. Pour the alcohol into the watering can and spray it on the stained area.

2. After the alcohol is immersed in the flannel, then use a clean cloth to blot the alcohol and gently smear the stain to dissolve the stain.

3. After cleaning, the fabric feels dry and hard. You can use a soft brush or a cleaning sponge or a toothbrush that you don't need, and gently brush it a few times.

4. Take a few more shots, It can make the sofa fabric reappear soft and luxurious.

Second, the collar net (soap water)   

The above method is not suitable for large stains. But with a little collar, you can easily remove large stains from the sofa. Material Net collar, warm water, clean white cotton, suitable for most fabric sofas

Step :

1. Take a proper collar and dilute in warm water. Dip a small amount of the diluted solution with a clean white cloth.

2. Wipe repeatedly in a dirty place until the stain is removed.

3. Wipe dry place naturally. The clean sofa was restored to the front.


1. Avoid leaving a mark, preferably from the outside of the stain.

2. Do not scrub with plenty of water to prevent water from seeping into the inner layer of the sofa and shrinking the sofa cloth.

Third, baking soda   

Sometimes the surface of the sofa looks dirty, but there is a lot of dirt in the middle of the sofa media.

However, the problem with baking soda is very good.

Step :

1. Because soda powder has the function of decomposing stains and releasing potential odors. Sprinkle some soda powder on the surface of the sofa, and let the soda powder sit on the sofa surface at least20minute.

Mix the vacuum cleaner with a large partner to absorb soda and dissolved dust. This way the sofa is as white as ever.

fourth,Vacuum cleaner   

Between the sofa cushions and between the sofa frames, there are often some debris and dust that need to be cleaned regularly.

Step :

1. If it is a detachable sofa, you can remove the cover on the sofa cushion and put it into the washing machine for normal cleaning. Dry. Ironing can be done on the sofa.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner to carefully vacuum the sofa at the seam junction, the armrests of the sofa, the backrest, and the sofa cushion with the cover removed.

3. When vacuuming, vacuum every corner of the seat cushion. Top, bottom and side. Do not use a vacuum cleaner to prevent the flannel on the sofa surface from being smeared.

4. If the down cushion and the pillow are sunken, push the air back and forth into the cushion or pillow like an accordion. If it is made of foam, fill it with foam to make it full.