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Comfortable kitchen design can make life more exciting

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2020-08-13

An easy-to-use, seemingly agreeable kitchen plan can make life more exciting. From lamps to ceilings to tile deployment, to kitchen appliances, the overall kitchen plan is very particular, and it tests the planner's ability.

Optimum height of kitchen counter

Easy kitchen planning can make life more exciting

Many people are full of energy when they enter the kitchen, washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, cooking, spooning, brushing the pot, and cleaning the countertops...... The set is tiring, and the good dishes are not interested in eating on the table.

Cooking is so tiring, most of the operating table height is not done well, scientific repeated experiments have found that the height of the kitchen operating table is generally85~90cm is the best, this height is exactly the height that the hostess who is 1.6 meters tall naturally raises her arms.

Easy kitchen planning can make life more exciting

The height of the wall cabinet

After talking about the countertop, let's talk about the height of the wall cabinet. According to the storey height of Chinese flat-storey houses, the wall cabinets are generally pulled up off the ground1.6 meters above the best, if it is less than 1.5 meters, not only affect the kitchen operating space, and the kitchen will appear cramped and depressed.

The plan of the wall cabinet should satisfy two conditions:

1. Wall cabinets are generally divided into two grids, and the items in the lower grids should be satisfied by people who are 1.6 meters high.

2. Also consider that tall people (males with a height of 1.8 meters) do not meet when washing and cutting vegetables.

Repeated experiments, the best scale is that the thickness of the wall cabinet is generally300-350mm, the height from the washbasin countertop is 700mm.

Small objects storage classification

The bottom cabinet of the storage area can be divided into three layers:

A. Some tableware can be placed on the first floor;

B. Place some small items such as seasonings on the second floor; 

C. The owner of the third floor can equip and classify things. Such as: pots, utensils, bottled cleaning agents, etc.

Easy kitchen planning can make life more exciting

Use of the central area of ​​the cabinet

In any case, when planning the kitchen, you must start planning for the overall situation, and use the central area well. Place some commonly used items in areas with reasonable movement lines and convenient access.

Central area refers to the distance from the groundThe range of 600-1800mm is based on the human shoulder as the axis, and the radius of the upper limbs is the most convenient to access items, the most frequently used, and the most visible area of ​​the human field of vision.

Place frequently used dishes, seasonings, and other frequently used items in the middle area, which is convenient to see and hold.