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Custom furniture must be ok? Consumers have to reflect on these issues, you have to consider

Hi everybody, I'mTengToday, I want to share with you the knowledge about custom furniture.


This era is an era of individualization and freedom. The consumer groups are getting younger and younger, and the “customization” boom has slowly emerged. Customization can satisfy all of its requirements. This is the idea of ​​most people. But is it so simple for the furniture industry?

The consumption end of the furniture market has shifted from the original 70 generations to the young 80s and 90s. Compared with the traditional concept of furniture in the older generation, this strong consumer group after 80 and 90 paid more attention to the overall coordination, comfort and environmental protection of furniture, hoping to integrate their individual needs, which is why many economics At home, the industry believes that some of the reasons for the huge potential of the custom furniture market.


The appearance of customized furniture better meets the aesthetic and environmental characteristics of consumers, and solves some of the user's pain points in hand-made furniture and finished furniture. Customized furniture is mainly designed with individualized design and novel style (satisfying aesthetics), which can effectively solve the space utilization problem of small-sized, multi-beam multi-column or irregular problem room type (meeting environmental).

When it comes to customization, the words that come to mind in our minds are generally luxury, one-on-one service, perfect fit to individual needs, and so on. However, the customization of the furniture industry seems to be able to meet the diverse needs of consumers, but this is not the case.


From the consumer's reflection, the design style is simple, the structural stability is not enough, the delay in delivery and installation, the difficulty of returning goods and other pain points seriously affect the consumer's purchasing enthusiasm. At the beginning, we are full of customization for the customization. It’s wonderful, but when it comes to various problems, it’s still a reality.

Recently, a thing happened to me. My colleague customized a bed during the renovation. At that time, the person responsible for customization quickly came to the door to measure and asked the colleagues what requirements, but after a long time there was no delivery, colleagues Urged several times. When I delivered the goods, I found that the whole bed didn’t look good. Although the other party said, this is what satisfies your requirements.


As you can see from the above, there are good places for customization and areas for improvement, but the development of this trend is inevitable. In the face of this boom, we need to be rational, not to pursue custom furniture at a glance, to choose qualified businesses, otherwise it is easy to have some troubles.