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D&U | "Oasis" Light Luxury Journey Series, a small and beautiful residence in a bustli

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-09-12

If there is a color that can represent summer,

Then green is definitely one of them.

The deep green is the color of nature,

It seems to come from deep in the forest,

With strong vapor and vitality,

It grew quietly and recklessly all summer.

Taking advantage of the warmth in September and autumn,

Before all the colors of everything fade away,

Catch the tail of summer,

Hide a touch of greenness into your home.

In the fashion industry,

Some green products have become classics,

It is pursued by people with higher value than the same style.

In modern home decoration,

Green often has a mysterious and introverted temperament,

Shows a unique sense of retro,

At the same time, it also has an unstoppable fashion and modern atmosphere.

How to decorate your home with a touch of green?

Peaceful, less saturated green tones

Can be used as homeBackground color,

It is widely used on the wall and other places,

Bring a peaceful and fresh feeling of space.

Green can also be used as homeTheme color,

Used in bed, sofa, curtain, carpet and other positions,

Give the space an elegant and quiet temperament,

Enhance the texture of the space.

D&U | New Furniture

Color affects people’s mood,

It is also used to express expectations.

"Oasis" Light Luxury Journey Series,

It was born based on the pursuit of the quality of life.

Make homeIn a busy cityofOne"oasis",

When the unpleasantness in life suddenly appears,

When you feel tired when you shuttle between high-rise buildings,

When you open the door, you can be healed by the elegance and warmth of the home.

Meticulous workmanship,

The details that can be exquisite,

"Oasis" Light Luxury Journey SeriesRefuse to go with the flow,

Give life a touch of texture.

Create a beautiful and stylish residence,

D&U "Oasis" Light Luxury Journey Series,

Start a high-quality home life with you.