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D&U products | For every encounter with you, brewing surprises

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2019-09-25

In September, Tengyi's global designer co-brand "D&U Style Apartment" met with everyone who loves life at Shanghai Furniture Fair.

Founder of TengjiaoMr. Tan ShixiangSubject toQijiawangInterview with media friendsD&U apartmentBrand and design concept.

Designed for you, for you

"D&U offers a design concept for "designed for you", "design for you", loyal to inspiration, focus on design, and dedication to quality.

Let design art return to life, stimulate people's imagination and creativity in home life; provide high-quality, all-round artist-residential solutions to help people easily enjoy the beauty of life, isThe pursuit of D&U products.

For every encounter with you, brewing surprises

Tengqi sedimentationIn 15 years, it has produced many classic models of internationally renowned designers. D&U's collection integrates well-known designer models and will work with many outstanding designers or design companies to continuously introduce different styles of products.

Elegant Chinese, minimalist Nordic, light luxury American... In D&U, there is a unique design story behind each style product.

For every encounter with you,D&U is always a surprise.

Perhaps you like the Nordic style, looking for a simple and natural Scandinavian style;

Maybe you like American style, obsessed with the romance and unique extravagance of American homes;

Perhaps you like Chinese style and revel in the humanity of ancient elegance;


Maybe you like more than one style;

But you will all be thereD&U has found the style and life you want.

Explore modern and stylish home life,D&U is designed for every unique one.