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Decoration plan to buy new furniture, finished furniture? Or is it good for personal custom furnitur

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2019-12-09

Recently, many users have asked:"Renovation is going to buy new furniture, but it ’s good to have finished furniture? Or is it custom-made furniture? I do n’t know how to choose for a while?” Indeed, furniture is an important part of the home. It is normal for consumers to have such hesitation. A set of practical and beautiful furniture has become a major problem. Today, we will discuss this topic with you: is it good to buy furniture? Or is it customized?

What are finished and custom furniture?

Finished furniture: Generally refers to the furniture has been made, you can not change the appearance, size or grid of the furniture

Bureau, because it is a finished product, can be put into use immediately after purchase.

Customized furniture: It can be customized according to the room type, with beautiful and fashionable features, and has now become a consumer hotspot for home furniture. According to the actual situation of your home and the design section, it can be flexibly changed. Whether to enter the wall, set a few doors, which sliding door to choose, how many drawers to use, and the internal layout can be combined according to the fixed unit. It can be said that compared with finished furniture, custom furniture has advantages in appearance, function, and maintaining the integrity of the decoration style, making custom furniture a trend of modern home improvement.

What are the advantages of finished furniture and custom furniture?

Finished furniture:

1Style: The style of the finished furniture has been confirmed, and the actual product can be seen. Removable, buy and use

2Quality: Consumers can directly see the pattern of the wardrobe cabinet and observe the fineness of workmanship;

3Price: Because the finished wardrobe is produced in batches, the price is not as high as a custom wardrobe;

4.There is no need to wait for the decoration. Basically, small furniture can be taken home directly, and large furniture will basically arrive the next day or that afternoon.

customized furniture :

1Diversified design: Designers come to measure and personalize designs according to the needs of the owners. If your bedroom is large enough, you can also design the wardrobe as a walk-in closet, with a sliding door outside, and a private space is created in this way;

2Personalization of space: Custom furniture can be designed according to your use needs, to maximize the reasonable use of space;

32. The product is practical and beautiful: The designer has professionally designed the product according to the specific needs of the owner, and the product is beautiful and practical.

4You can make storage according to your needs. For some small family, storage is very important. Custom furniture can be designed according to the needs of users, which is more flexible and practical.

However, the custom furniture production cycle is long, from design to door installation, this cycle usually45More than days, not suitable for hurry friends! Moreover, the price of custom furniture is slightly higher. Once it is installed and fixed, it is not easy to move. If it needs to move, it may cause some furniture damage.

What's the difference in space utilization?

Custom furniture: Custom furniture is mainly tailored according to the size of the interior space. Its style and the size of the area occupied by the different spaces in the wardrobe are determined according to the preferences and needs of the owner. And custom wardrobes are usually To the top, it has a relatively high utilization of space.

Finished furniture: Generally, the finished furniture specifications are fixed, and the finished wardrobe cannot reach the top of the house like a custom wardrobe, and its internal layout is also fixed. The owner's needs may not be fully met, and there may be areas with low practicality, resulting in Waste of space.

Therefore, I suggest that if the area of ​​the home is small and the space needs to be used to the extreme, then custom furniture will better meet you.

Of course, if you have a small budget and want to customize, you can also choose a combination of the two. You can choose custom furniture with high space utilization requirements such as wardrobes and cabinets, while others can choose to buy finished furniture.