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Do you buy furniture first or decorate first? 99% of people regretted reading it.

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-05-17

First renovation or first buy furniture?

Almost everyone who buys a new house to prepare for renovation

Are troubled by this century's problems

In my opinion, the difficulty of this problem is equal to

First chicken or egg first


Ok, kidding, kidding.

According to statistics, most people think that the decoration is in accordance with the traditional way.→Select decoration company→Determining decoration style→Selecting building materials→hard-packing→shopping furniture→softwear matching→check-in......

But is it really appropriate to choose furniture behind?

As the decoration style and tone have been determined, if you want to choose a piece of furniture that you like and can suit the decoration style, you will find that the limitations are great.“I found that the bed I bought was too big when I finished the decoration. It seems that the room is so small!” “There is no suitable furniture in the furniture market after the renovation!!”

So in the end, should we first decorate or buy furniture first? Today we will say that the most professional and professional way should be like this.

1. First-class furniture style

2. Decoration building materials and soft cloth fabrics are extended according to furniture

3. Finally, the color of the wallpaper and paint is fixed, because the choice of wallpaper and paint is the most in the market.

Why do you have to fix the furniture first?

During the renovation process, we can list the furniture in each area in detail:

Getting started: Shoe cabinet

Living room: sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet, corner cabinet, jewelry table

Restaurant: dining table, dining chair, wine cabinet

Bedroom: bed, bedside table, large closet, dressing table, TV cabinet

Balcony: lounge chair, leisure table, locker

Study room: desk, bookcase, chair

As can be seen from the above furniture distribution, the proportion of furniture in the overall style of home design and decoration should be70%. It can also be said that furniture is the overall design of the leading home improvement. So the style of the whole "home", the choice of furniture is the key!

It should be emphasized that it is not necessary to buy the furniture immediately, but to determine the style, color, size, shape and price. As for the specific brand, you can gradually compare it until you find the product you are satisfied with. until.

What are the benefits of ordering a home first?

1,Helps to grasp the style of the home

The owner first determines the style of the furniture, and then asks the designer to design a matching decoration style according to the purchased furniture, so as to ensure that the furniture and the overall decoration style are harmonious and unified.

2,Precisely reserve location

Determining the shape and size of the furniture and then designing the home will help to accurately position the position of the furniture. It can also make corresponding adjustments to the pipelines, network cables, video cables, power lines, etc. The device looks neat and easy to use.

3Better use of space

Since the size, shape, and placement position are known in advance, the corner angles left after the furniture is placed. It can be filled by home design. Partial personalized design makes the space that could only be wasted effectively used without destroying the overall style of home decoration.

4Effectively control the budget and save money

After the furniture is fixed, not only the overall cost that can be used in the hard part is specified, but the basic style and needs have also been determined. The rest only need to hand over the most basic basic engineering to the decoration company to operate.

Finally, I hope that your decoration will go smoothly!