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Do you know a few details of the Teng Xiaoyao staff chair?

work everyday8Hour, human1/3Time is spent on a chair, the chair is good or bad, and it is closely related to people's health.

Teng Xiaoyao staff chairErgonomically designed for offices, communication rooms, conference rooms, reception rooms, lecture rooms, etc.

SThe ergonomic design of the back curve Chinese is more in line with the Chinese human body curve. Relieve back fatigue and reduce waist pressure. Sedentary is not tired, get a comfortable experience.

Teng Xiaoyao staff chair several details:

Backrest detail: aluminum plated chair frame, high/In the middle, according to the ergonomic design, the structure is firm, the bearing capacity is not easy to deform, and it is not easy to wear.

Handrail detail: aluminum alloy plated frame, the brightness is always lasting. And the armrests are detachable to let you experience different feelings.

Rotating chassis: the site is rotatable and scalable5Grab the pulley.

Cushion detail: The seat cushion is made of silk screen, which is soft and comfortable.

Tripod detail: aluminum alloy five-star foot, low density, high strength, good anti-corrosion candle, excellent load bearing.