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Do you know how to "get in bed"? I didn’t expect to be related to a piece of furniture.

Dear friends, my name is Teng Hao. What I want to share with you today is about the story behind a piece of furniture. We often hear a word called "sleeping", which means living there, but it didn't mean it at the beginning.


In life, it is inevitable that relatives and friends will come to their own homes, so many people will have special guest rooms at home, but for ancient times, there may not be such a "professional". Staying at the word, its source is related to the relationship between such friends.

It is said that there is a famous minister named Chen Fan in the Eastern Han Dynasty. He is a very honest and honest official. He likes to make angry people. Because he is an official and likes to make friends, he often comes home. However, when Chen Fan receives different people, he will have different treatment.


The person he can't see, how do you love what to do, the person who looks at it, has a special couch. His couch is usually hung on the wall. The important guest, the person he likes, the person he can see, he took the couch off the wall for your sleep, so it is called "sleeping."

The most famous one is the story of Chen Fan and the hermit Xu Zhi. Chen Fan often calls Xu Zhi to be his own guest. In order to express his respect for Xu Zhi, Chen Fan specially added a couch at home. This bed was hung up and was not used by anyone. When Xu Zhilai came, Chen Fan put the couch down and gave Xu Zhi a seat.


This can be said to be the highest respect that a person can show. When Xu Zhiyi came, Chen Fan put the couch down, and Xu Zhiyi walked, and the couch was hung up. In the "Han Han·Chen Fan Chuan", there is a record: "Only Xu Zizi comes, for the pair of couches, go to the hanging."

Slowly, many people began to follow the example of Chen Fan, but as time went by, the term used to use the word was broader, and later evolved into where you go and where you live. Or sometimes when the other party receives you, please stay somewhere and so on.


Although Chen Fan did not have the same age as we are today, if the size of the house is large, it is designed to make a guest bedroom, which is convenient for the family to come to live, but Chen Fan’s practice reflects true feelings, and many people want to be Chen. The person on the couch in the Fan family.

Having said that, I think that the "sleeping" of Chen Fan in that year should not be too big or heavy. Because he hangs on the wall every time, he wants to take it off when he sleeps, so I think it might be similar to the bamboo bench in our country today.


I don't know how many people saw this kind of furniture. I used to have a lot of furniture in the countryside. I was lying on the top in the summer and holding a fan. I don’t want to mention it, but now there are very few people in the family. If it is broken, it will be broken. I will go to buy new ones, and there are more and more people in rural air conditioners. This kind of bench also occupies a place, so it is getting less and less. However, it still left a strong stroke in the history of Chinese furniture.

The Chinese culture is profound and profound. Since ancient times, there have been stories about the creation of words by Cangjie. Most of our words are from the past, some are practical, some refer to certain things, and the story of the word "sleeping" is said today. Here, the story is short, but it is the excellent culture of the Chinese nation.