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Do you know the world's cutting-edge chairs, LC2 and LC4, "Bidden" chairs, Eames recli

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-06-08

These timeless beautyworksOn the back, in addition to being a serious, rational, wise, and honorable master in the history of planning, planners are actually enthusiastic and romantic souls.

Le· Corbusier, if you ask all professionals, "name three20Century's most famousbuildingGrandmaster", his name must be one of everyone's answers.


1927-1930The year was the years when Corbusier’s early creative power burst. In these years, a classic work built by Modernism: the Villa Savoy (The Villa Savoye) And the two most famous chairs in the history of planning presented in their interior planning-LC2withLC4.

LC2: In Cobb’s own words, “This is a basket made of sofa cushions”. Its chromium alloy skeleton was the avant-garde material of the planners who were experimenting with modernist furniture.

LC4:until1960In the era, the modern day method has been completely changed, it has been mass-produced, and it has become a real "internationalist" plan, and its influence has extended to the world so far.

Corbusier and Picasso had a mutual friendship. Picasso students also practiced portraits with Yifang as a model.

However, the two people's common love for visual art, the freedom of soul and the artist's life method, let them experience a low-key but wonderful life together, so that a genius has the power to continue to create and continue to change the world.

Irene · Gray’s name will be relatively new to the public. In her life, she built only three residential buildings, but the history of construction never fell down. She praised her only a few books.

The young Irene was the first to introduce exotic customs such as Africa and Morocco to ParisArt DecoThe important person of the trend is the master of craftsmanship.

And she studied in Japan with the Japanese lacquer ware master Sugawara Kazuo (Seizo Sugawara), became the first to introduce oriental lacquer art to EuropeArt DecoStriker. Her apprentices brought their ancient Japanese and French-style factions to New York.

Eileen’s pre-authored work, Fast-forward Method: Bringing Fauvism (Fauvism) ,Cubism (Cubism) And dutch style (De Stijl) Combined.

This surprisingly exaggerated work above was completed by Eileen with two years of continuous adjustment and carving of the serpentine structure and viewpoint, and then layers of lacquer and leather seats. It is the holder of the highest price record in modern furniture in the history of auction so far——2190.5Ten thousand euros

Its legendary price is at2009Saint Laurent at Christie's (Yves Saint Laurent) Born in a special collection, it was once a gift from Saint Laurent to a lifelong lover.

Witness this period of history, there is a famous house called——E1027. This is her for herself and smaller than herself15Parisian seaside villa made by a year-old lover. Her lover is Jean-Badovich, a builder borrowed from Romania (Jean Badovici), One of the acquaintances of Corbusier who first arrived in Paris.

E1027End with1927-1929."E" representative "Eileen","10" , "2"with"7" Representing Jean BadoviciAnd her nameGray Position of the acronym in the alphabet. She embraced her lover's name with her own name.

She is still the first planner to use chromium materials. Corbusier in herE1027In the construction and furniture planning, they have received many ideas and encouragement. AccompanyE1207, Two chairs were born that still look forward:

Everyone lovesBibendum"Bidden" chair, because the name of Michelin baby is actually calledBibendum. The chrome skeleton, wooden seat frame and leather are combined for the first time.

and alsoTransat, Is "the other side of the ocean"transatlantic"Abbreviation, the head can be adjusted, and it is as elegant as a ship in the water.

It must also be mentioned that this is directly namedE1027The side table, glass and chrome, clean and neat, height adjustable.

This American planner duo is not only the most outstanding and productive couple in the history of planning, but also the sweetest perfect couple admired by any public who does not understand planning.

The philosophy of the two is always: furniture must serve the overall layout of the interior space and the dynamic living days of the people.

In the early days, they were obsessed with the possibility of wood, and on the basis of learning the elegant Nordic furniture style of middle-aged wood, they explored whether they could make more modern planning. So in1946The famous leisure stool was born in ——LCW.

The homework is tired, and the couple are so happy to each other.

butLCWTheir reputation is only recognized by their staged discussions until1956In 2014, an important seat plan that changed the experience of human life was presented-Eames lounge chairLounge & Ottoman.

Everyone knows: Eames plastic chairs have derived many styles.

All the works of Eames’ spouse entered the New York Art CenterMOMACollection of planning history. The characteristics of their works are obvious, and all are enduring, and the academic community has established a definition for it-"Ems style".

The two's days may be happy, or quiet. they said"We all feel lucky, because of the other party, creativity has never dried up, so we are fortunate enough to make plans to help more people."

Finnish construction master Erow·Sariinen, mother is a sculptor, father Eli Sariinen is the founder of the Nordic Modern School of Planning, planner of Helsinki Railway Station. At that time, the spouse of Eames was a student there and later taught there for several years.3The master met as a friend, and the two men also collaborated on a chair.

The period when Eames (left) and Charinen (right) met at the college.1939Years later, he left to run his own office.

Sharinin's avant-garde planning, which is minimalistic and futuristic, and is longer than triggering human senses and imagination, has left a considerable amount in the history of construction and industrial planning. The most famous include the Jefferson National Expansion Monument (or St. Louis Arch) in St. Louis, Missouri, and the construction of the General Motors headquarters technology center in Michigan.

This height and width are different190The multi-meter stainless steel parabolic arch, which was completed in only one year, from1965The beginning of the year became a symbol of the development of the West in the United States.

As the core planning builder, from planning to completion,GMThe Technology Center cost Sarinin10year.

Not only strictly abiding by the principles of rationalism, but also unprecedented styles, has given a scientific and technological research institution——A kind of charm that seems to be able to shuttle between reality and the future.

There are two chairs,WombUterine chair andTulipTulip Chair-Since its birth, it has never left the top ten in the list of "the most successful chair planning in the world" in the history of modern planning.

Its birth comes from the creativity that Sarinin gained in biology and life sciences——"Mother's womb"-like tolerance and sense of security, for people to find the best posture when curled up.

KnollA "Valentine Red" spot color has also been developed for this chair and sofa in the same series.

Renee· Ziweige and Ivan McGregor co-star2003Love Song and Dance Comedy "Sinking With Love"

(Down With Love) Presents a limited edition of "Candy Powder" leather.

Another one"Tulip chairs" and series of armchairs are also popular worldwide. At the time when the face was just exposed, the biological modeling features in its conceptual genes, the contained space and the sense of future surprised the world.