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Do you know what are the five core contradictions in the Chinese home furnishing industry in 2020?

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-06-03

From the perspective of the home furnishing industry, the sudden economic stall will cause industries that already have multiple contradictions and difficult problems to have to repair themselves even in a huge shock."Bone scraping".

Five core contradictions in the Chinese home furnishing market

Consumers are getting younger, and companies are increasinglyThe contradiction between "aging".

A CEO of a listed home furnishing company stated that80Rear~90After the proportion has reached70%. Of course, in fact, buying furniture in new houses has always been young. But also young people,


that year70After that, there were not so many aesthetic needs, nor the influence of new media, let alone Li Jiaqi brought the goods. Everyone comes from a working-class family, and their aesthetic needs are basically the same. They can be bought after looking at them. Such consumers are "very good at dealing with".

but90Will it be so good afterwards?

Obviously not, don't say90After the baptism of economic reform and opening up,70Later, it became more and more "hypocritical." Because everyone's aesthetic is improving, the demand for services is increasing, and the demand for home furnishing has become more and more personal. Of course, enterprises are also constantly developing, but in the past two or three decades, more have been the development of products and marketing.

In terms of aesthetic awareness, management methods, service concepts, manufacturing efficiency, order response, after-sales, etc., in addition to some excellent companies, I think the average level has not improved much.

Faced with after-sales service, too many companies are still careless. Individualized needs (not personalized products) are still unsatisfactory. Enterprises still have one way or another, more and more"Middle-aged", more and more "greasy", more and more "worldly."

Before, everyone was stupid, you can make money smart.

Now that everyone is smart, you can make money by being stupid.

So-called Silly means being sincere, simple, responsive and without routines.

consumerContradiction between "service demand" and manufacturer's "product supply".

Everyone is saying to seize the design entrance, in fact, you really know what is"Design"?20There were designs years ago, but they were all unified space layout templates for decoration companies. Although the current design incorporates more consumers' individual needs, the essence has never changed:

Design is actually a pre-sale service

I want to put books in the studyCD, And also put red wine, how do you arrange it for me?

My wife has more skirts. How can you design the storage space of this wardrobe more reasonable?

I smoke, don't forget to leave me a balconyThe place to "leave the wind"!

In fact, this is more of a serious listening, understanding and co-construction of consumer needs, and it is the satisfaction of services. Consumers already have a blueprint in mind, all you have to do is grab it and turn it into a product they can provide.

However, most distributors and manufacturers provide only a single product, a dare not to take responsibility, and helplessness unable to solve. And this is the driving force behind the rapid growth of custom home furnishing companies.

Although the hardcover room will gradually weaken the demand in this area, the service demand of consumers will still appear in other ways. For example, it’s okay to buy your cabinets, but can you help me knock out the cabinets that the developers have allocated in the room and then get the construction waste together?

ConsumerThe contradiction between "skinny wallet" and "high price" of household products.

I always believe that China's domestic demand market is still very large. In most cases, it is not that no one buys, but that you sell too expensive.

whyCostcoCan Shanghainese be crushed? Because it's cheap

Why do everyone love to go to IKEA to eat and buy things? Because it's cheap

Why can Pinduoduo rise against the trend? Because it's cheap

Xiaomi,8Year3700The market value of 100 million is listed because it is cheap

"Cheap still has good goods", this is the current and future consensus

All current consumption concepts, whether it is various good things, strict selection, so-called domestic products and new national tide, including the rise of bed and breakfasts and mid-range hotels, the current popular lifestyle, etc., the real core is only five words:

"Cheap is good"

Not cheap, unworthy is called lifestyle

Finding an afternoon flight to Paris to feed pigeons is not a way of life, it's a low-key show of wealth. buyLVBuying a nanny car to live in a five-star presidential suite is not a way of life, it is a little red book style.

The way of life must be closely connected with the broadest masses of people, from the masses to the masses. Although the people's consciousness of consumption has awakened, but their status has not changed, they are still the people--You know.

Consumption upgrade, upgrade is not the price, but the requirement.

The most likely situation in the home furnishing industry is that it is not good to sell, and it is not good to sell. Why is it not good to sell? The price is too high! The reason for the high price is that there are many reasons for each, and each one has its own reason, and it is plausible to say, but is this related to customers?

The customer is playing haha ​​with you"Well, it looks good, it really looks good. I'll go home and discuss with my family", and then go to someone's house and place an order. Because there is so much money in your pocket, you have to buy imported milk powder for children.

How to make things look good and buy well is the real problem to be solved. Xiaomi, MUJI, IKEA, and even McDonald's are actually doing this. Today, the general environment is not good, everyone's pockets are tighter, and most of China's product capacity is actually surplus, so the customer can finally buy what he wants in other people's homes.

DistributorDisputes between "such as sitting on a needle felt" and the company's "numbness management" dealers are sensitive to the market. After all, the Chunjiang plumbing duck prophet, but the duck farmers often don't understand, and finally burn the duck to the water.

In the face of a rapidly turbulent and drastically changing market, dealers often know where the problem is, but cannot come up with an answer. At this time companies need to come up with solutions, companies need to provide accompanying guidance and management. Attempts and breakthroughs in various channels are entirely unrealistic on the part of distributors. The company must come up with practical solutions and work with distributors.

Whether it is a designer channel, an engineering channel, or community marketing or community marketing, to change a dealer from a merchant to a merchant, and from a terminal store to an urban service center, it is necessary for the enterprise to balance its interests and truly treat the dealer as a Family to see.

Family, not the slogan when playing chicken blood

You are willing to do things for him!

In the face of after-sales complaint resolution and new demand solutions, many companies often show a bureaucracy that is insensitive and willing to deal with. The indifference and lag of a manager at the company's headquarters may result in the dealer's vain efforts for months.

Market supplyThe contradiction between "oversaturation" and the company's "recession",In China's home building materials market, the overall supply is excessive and saturated. Issued by China Building Materials Circulation Association2019"NationalBHEI(China Urban Building Materials Home Furnishing Market Saturation Early Warning Index) The data report states:2019NationwideBHEIThe value is up to178.06, Located in the red light district, means that the building materials home store is already in a state of oversaturation.2018YearBHEIValue is160.98;2016YearBHEIValue is133.96

when100BHEI<150At that time, it was a yellow light district, indicating that the building materials and home furnishing market was saturated.BHEI150At that time, it was a red light zone, indicating that the market was already oversaturated. In fact, it is the number, brand, product, and design of oversaturated enterprises that are attached to the oversaturated building materials home market. . . All are surplus.

Corresponding to this, many companies, whether they have made a lot of money or no money at all, in the goal of building a century-old foundation and the Chinese tradition of continuous struggle, all refuse to quit, retire, and are unwilling to Switch the track.

Listed company, 100 billion enterprises,Every Chinese entrepreneur is suffocating for his dream,Even if the revenue is only100Ten thousand

This is a magic obstacle for Chinese entrepreneurs, which will cause almost all participants to be very tired and very hard. In fact, some companies can brake in time if their products and R&D are no longer too competitive, and they can either close it when they get better or transform and upgrade.

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