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Do you know what wood is made of solid wood furniture at home?

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-09-09

Solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of solid wood. Generally, solid wood furniture will be divided into pure solid wood furniture and all solid wood furniture.

Solid wood furniture is divided into wood by wood,Teak,maple,oakWood, red dragonfly,Ash, eucalyptus, poplar, pine, etc., among which eucalyptus, teak, and red carp are the most valuable.

Today, we follow the introduction of Tengyi Furniture Xiaobian to understand the introduction of several common solid wood furniture wood materials.

One: solid wood furniture material type


Ash is a large deciduous tree, high up to30Rice, thick bark, taupe, hard and dense wood, beautiful texture, is the advanced material for industrial and civilian use.


1 The cut surface is very smooth and the paint and adhesive properties are also very good. The aging is extremely slight and the performance changes are small.

2 The ash has good processing performance and can be fixed with nails, screws and glue.,It can be dyed and polished to achieve a good surface finish.

3 The ash has a tough texture, beautiful texture, excellent overall strength, good shock resistance and steam bending strength. It is a good material for making furniture.

2.Red oak

Oak is mainly produced in Europe and North America, and is produced in large quantities in Russia and the United States. The wood is hard and heavy, with good machining performance and slow drying.


1 The distinctive mountain-shaped texture makes the furniture full of simple and natural taste, and is generally classified into garden furniture, which is ornamental and decorative.

2 The processed oak furniture has very good flexibility, a good texture on the surface, and a good touch on the hand.

3 The color is red and white. The color looks natural and saturated. It does not need to be artificially modified or beautified. The red is calm and solemn, the price is lower than that of mahogany, and it is very affordable.

4 The texture is hard and fine, the furniture is used for a long time, the acid and alkali resistance is good, the corrosion resistance is not so easy to get wet.


Birch is a deciduous tree or shrub with brown wood, cold-tolerant and fast-growing. It is more immune to pests and diseases and is found in cold regions of the northern hemisphere.


1 Easy to process, smooth cut surface, good paint and gluing performance.

2 The bark is flexible and beautiful.

3 The texture is hard and fine, the furniture is used for a long time, it is cold-resistant, the wood is stable in winter, and it is not so easy to get wet.

4 Birch has medicinal properties and therefore has natural environmental attributes.


The eucalyptus is mainly produced from temperate, deciduous trees, tall trees, all over the north, with the advantages of clear texture and large knots. It is a precious material for making furniture.


1 Elm wood is tough, hard texture, high mechanical strength, strong corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, moderate hardness and strength, suitable for engraving, general openwork relief can be adapted.

2 Because the eucalyptus has a clear texture, fine texture and beautiful patterns, it can be cleverly matched with furniture of different materials, and it is not inconsistent in a room completely different from the style of eucalyptus furniture.

3 The history of old beech furniture is much more vicissitudes. The wood is as small as decades, and the accumulation is hundreds of years ago. The wood is very stable and will not be deformed and insects.


Wujinmu wood has luster; no special smell and taste; texture is straight or slightly staggered; the structure is fine and even; the wood is very heavy; the carving performance is good, it is the high-end wood on the market.


1 There is no doubt that the advantage of Wujinmu is that the texture is natural and wonderful.

2 In the natural wood color of Wujinmu, the golden and black curves are in front of you, the color is eye-catching and very fluid, and any cut surface can clearly express the beauty of wood grain.

3 Wujinmu has a low material extraction rate, hard wood and difficult processing. Therefore, every product made with Wujinmu is full of strong natural flavor.

4 Wujinmu is the most achievable130cm, special growth environment,Growing at average altitude1600Above the hills.The soil surface is rich in mineral resources.The roots of the trees are deep into the mineral layer,Absorb nutrients and moisture,Therefore, its wood contains a metallic texture.


One of the better quality woods, mainly from North America and Europe, Southeast Asia. Domestic walnuts are lighter in color. The black walnut is light dark brown with purple, and the string cut surface is a beautiful large parabolic pattern.


1The walnut wood is elegant in color, the wood grain is exquisite, clear and charming, and the furniture is elegant and generous.

2The sweat rate of walnut is low, and the shrinkage of wood will not have a major impact on walnut furniture.

3Walnut furniture is not easy to crack, deform, etc.

After the material comes into play, it needs to be inspected and check the material brand and specifications of the hydropower stage. Because hydropower transformation is a big project, inferior materials will directly affect daily use, and may even endanger the safety of people and property.