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Do you need a TV in the living room? Learn about the trend of living room in the future

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2020-08-24

Speaking of the necessary furniture for living room decoration, you may think ofThe classic combination of "sofa + coffee table + TV".

In recent years, with the changes in people's home aesthetics, living room decoration has evolved more possibilities, and more personalization and practicality have become the pursuit of most people for living room decoration.

What are the trends in living room decoration in the future?

1 / open space

When the younger generation becomes the main force in buying and decorating houses, new living concepts are also applied to house design.

The open space layout coincides with young people's unrestrained, free and casual thinking habits, making the living room more spacious and open visually, and more interactive and convenient in function.

In addition, the increase in economical and practical commercial housing has become one of the reasons for the popularity of the open layout. Whether it’s a combination of guest dining and kitchen, or living room+The design of the study room, the open-plan living room can bring the transparency of a "mansion" to the small apartment, and can also strengthen the communication between family members.

2 / Detelevision

Do you still turn on the TV when you go home from get off work every day? Many people may no longer have this idea, after all, a mobile phone is enough to pass their spare time.

The rapid development of the Internet has impacted people's demand for TV in the living room. In the living room decoration in recent years, projectors, screens and other equipment have gradually replaced the TV set, bringing people a more immersive and comprehensive entertainment experience.

The work area and children's activity area in the home are gradually integrated into the living room, enriching the functionality of the space and squeezing the space originally occupied by the TV.

3/ Modular sofa

In the choice of living room furniture, people prefer flexible and versatile sofas more and more than large sofas that take up space.

The designs of modular sofas on the market are mostly fashionable and have various styles to meet the needs of different groups of people. A suitable modular sofa can be adjusted and changed according to the actual living room usage needs to avoid crowded visual experience and make the living room more breathing. Whether it is to entertain guests or daily life, it is more beautiful and practical.

4 / No main light design

No main light means that there is no main light in the space, and lighting design is done locally according to needs.

In many mansions of film and television dramas, huge and exquisite crystal lamps are always used to show the sense of luxury. But in reality, the height of most houses is relatively low, and the main lamp in the living room can easily give people a sense of oppression.

Therefore, more people choose to use a series of lighting fixtures such as light strips, track lights, and floor lamps as the local lights in the living room instead of the main lights. The non-main light design also has the advantages of being changeable and creating a better lighting atmosphere.

Changes in housing design trends,

It reflects people's pursuit of a higher quality of life.

In the future living room trends,

Which design do you like?