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Don't jump into the "pit" when buying furniture. Don't choose these 4 kinds, it

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2019-11-26

At present, most young people have little experience in decorating houses, and it is a costly, laborious and time-consuming thing to decorate a house. Generally, there are several steps to decorate a house, and the hard and soft furnishings are fixed together. Comfortable. When it comes to soft outfits, the choice of this furniture alone can easily fall into the trap!

Many young people tend to choose high-value products when choosing furniture, and ignore its practicality. Furniture is essential in our lives. If you choose the wrong furniture, then the furniture may be just a furnishing. It is still full of places, here are some suggestions from Tengye Furniture Editor!

1.Open wine cabinet

Many people have a passion for wine. Every time I buy a few bottles of good wine to go home and wait until my relatives and friends come to enjoy it, the number of wines over time is increasing, and I want to install a wine cabinet. Huahua wants to say that installing a wine cabinet is OK, but it is best not to choose an open type. Many people think that the open-type wine cabinet is more convenient, but in fact, when it is really used, it will not only fall a lot of ash but also be a big problem to clean up. It is not practical.

2.Round dining table

In the impression of many people, it seems that a family dining together is necessary for a round dining table, and then the round dining table is moved back home. If your home is a small apartment, Huahua really does not recommend you to buy a round dining table, because when there are usually not so many people eating together, this dining table becomes a decoration, and it also takes up a special space, it is better to buy one The square is practical.

3.Oversized coffee table

The role of the usual coffee table at home is to drink tea and put some snacks while watching TV. It doesn't take much space at all. Many friends choose to buy a relatively large coffee table in order to look more atmospheric. In fact, it is not necessary at all. Over time, the coffee table is not full of things, but it is covered with dust. Cleaning is not an easy task. The main thing is that the large coffee table directly occupies a large part of the living room.

4.Crystal chandeliers

In general, we currently like ceilings for home decoration. In fact, it is not suitable to install a chandelier after hanging the ceiling. Unless the height of the home is relatively high, it will look very depressing and feel breathless. Many friends like crystal decoration when choosing a chandelier. It looks beautiful and sparkling, but it will be difficult to clean it in the future. After all, there are so many pendants and it takes a lot of energy.

In fact, I want to tell you that when you choose furniture, you must first consider its practicality, don't buy homes and settle down, and use your money in the right place!

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