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Double eleven welfare | Elite people's favorite home design, beautiful and beautiful!

  • Author:Tengyi smart furniture
  • Release on:2019-11-01

The rush of life in the modern city,

Let the simple and warm home style be loved.

The sleek minimalist modern design has become the choice of many people.

Remove the complicated decoration and have a unique sense of quality.

Let’s feel like this home design.~

The home space shared today mainly uses the tone of the large color block, adding metallic color as an embellishment, and the space is clean and neat, without losing the urban style.

The porch is mainly white and wood color, jumping above the gray tone, echoing the overall style of the home space, forming a soft transition between the home and the outside world.

The living room is connected to the dining room, and the light and unique chandeliers create a simple and stylish atmosphere, with a sofa with a flat tone, which highlights the elegant taste of the home. The TV wall is equipped with an in-line display cabinet, which can display objects such as the collection of the living room, enhance the overall style of the living room, and make the living room more clean and generous.

Step into the master bedroom, large windows ensure light, gray and white with embellishment, simple bedding and decoration, to create a quiet and natural sleeping environment, allowing the residents to temporarily put down busy, can rest more comfortable.

The elders' room, personalized chandeliers and soft lighting make the space look warm and comfortable. There are no designs and colors that are too escaping to meet the needs of everyday rest and to suit the habits of the residents.

The layout of the children's room is in line with the personality of the children. The dark blue color of the main color is coordinated with the overall space. At the same time, the color conflict creates a lively atmosphere, and the cute cartoon animal decorations form a dynamic and safe. Growth space.

The kitchen space is dominated by white and grey, with cool lines and a clean and orderly look.The U-shaped console is easy to use and there is no pressure for many people to prepare meals during the party.

The bathroom is mainly white and gray, and the corresponding storage space is set up. It is neat and organized, and enhances the user experience.

Home is a place where people feel happy.

If you like this style of home,

If you are worrying about the new house,

Then the opportunity is coming!

Tengyi Double Eleven Special EventIn progress!

Follow us and leave a message on WeChat background.Provide demand and floor plan,

We will randomly extract10 digitsLucky goose,

Free deliverySoft-fit design service,

Professional designer docking, making home beauty more advanced~

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