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Eames Lounge Chair A chair that sits with Jobs and Bill Gates at the same time, how good it is!

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-06-10

Gao Xiaosong said:"lifeNot only is there a quarrel in front, but also poetry and distance."

At first glance, it is a bowl of chicken soup. The idea is beautiful, the reality is harsh, and how many people have survived. In the feathers of a place, thinking about poetry and the distance.

But there is such a couple, they lived the days we longed for, facing the sea, poetry, and afar. They are just rated20One of the most influential planners of the century, Charles and Lei.Eames spouse.

In Santa Monica, the most beautiful seaside town in the world, they made their own houses and lived for life. They are both husband and wife, as well as homework partners, and together they have planned the world-renowned Eames series of classic chairs.

Today I will introduce one of the most classic Eames lounge chairs.

Eames recliner  1956The 2014 Eames recliner, with its impeccable comfort and retro and stylish appearance, is known as the "Hermes of the chair world". "It's as comfortable and easy to use as a baseball glove." This is the original intention of Eames' spouse planning. They hope to give people a "warm feeling".

The Eames recliner seems to have a messy workmanship. In fact, most of its components can be produced in a standardized manner, and only a small amount of sewing, polishing and other details need to be processed by hand. This not only realizes rapid mass production, but also perfectly shows the two's plans.

Eames chair was chosen"Headrest-Backrest-"Seat" three-stage planning, decomposed planning replaces the difficult one-piece structure, making the process much simpler.

The outermost layer of the chair uses hot-bending plywood technology to press the board into a three-dimensional curved surface, retaining the natural texture of the board. The interior uses high-elastic styling cotton, which is durable and not easily deformed. The outer leather is made of full leather, and buttons have a full radial texture on it, like a water pattern that blooms, adding a sense of rhythm. The legs of the chair are made of five-pointed star aluminum legs, which can rotate flexibly and stably. The upper cushion part depends on2As the connection with the stamped steel sheet, there is a certain elasticity and buffer space.

There is also a foot pedal, the material is the same as the main chair, comfortable and full, and good elasticity. It can be used not only as a foot pedal, but also as a stool, which is very practical.

permanent15The degree of inclination automatically adapts to different weights, strengths and sitting postures, adjusts the most appropriate angle, conforms to ergonomic planning, and makes people admire.

The Eames recliner is a perfect combination of modern industrial technology and traditional craftsmanship, which shows the Eames spouse's planning for function and beauty. It became the American Museum of Modern ArtMOMAPermanent collections and2003It was listed in the forest of the world's best product plan.

How good is it? Look at the big coffee below, you should know its charm

Eames recliner, like a special shelter. Its spacious and luxurious wrapping feeling, soft and comfortable sitting feeling, can let people relax, full of security, like a warm cherish.

Charles.Eames said: "Design is for living(Planning is for life). "As planners, we only need to understand the day and integrate it into the day to plan a good work. We are also the same, we should understand the day, seek good quality of the day, and do not accommodate. Even if the day is already a place, we have to think With the hope of poetry and the distance, try my best to let the feathers fly into the sky!