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Eames recliner saves your lumbar and cervical spine

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-06-29

We remove the sleeping ones every day16In an hour,

In fact, more than half of the time is sitting.

Common chairs in life,

It is one of the few furniture that talks directly with the body,

It seems ordinary, but it always affects our bone health.

Do you know enough about it?

Pick a comfortable chair

It's really important.

Recently my friends told me:"I was at home on the weekend, blowing air conditioning and watching TV. It was fun, but when she moved from the back chair, she felt that she was not her own from waist to back to neck......Uncomfortable. "

Secretly distressed her together, and reached a conclusion from a professional point of view: the back chair must have caused the trouble.

The same chair, why do some people feel comfortable and relaxed, while others make people feel sore, as if they have sat on a tiger stool?

"What should a comfortable chair look like"

A comfortable chair, whether you are leaning, leaning, seeing Erlang's legs, sitting curled up or sitting across the legs, it can give you a good support.

Choose an ergonomic chair, even if it is not necessary"Beijing paralysis" will also make people feel happy. It should fit the following5Conditions.

1.The head fits better: the top of the chair fits the height of the headrest of the human body, allowing the user's cervical spine to fit naturally.

2.The elbow is more relaxed: the height of the armrest is at an angle more suitable for the natural drop of the elbow, and there is no feeling of hanging shoulders or shrugs.

3.The depth is more realistic: the depth of the seat cushion can cover the legs and buttocks of the human body. Too shallow and too deep will cause fatigue.

4.Lumbar support foot: Some chairs are designed to lack lumbar support, and users will naturally slide their hips down and bend the spine, which is not easy for the health of the lumbar spine.

5.The back is more docile: the sitting posture of a person on a chair will not remain the same, even if you sit very skewed, the back pad of the chair should also be a good "backer".

The following introduces us to a famous chair that has been loved by us for a long time-Eames recliner.

Lounge Chair The Eames recliner is probably the most comfortable chair in the world (one of them), and its face value is also very high. The seat is filled with high-density sponge, which has a good rebound and a good sitting feeling.

This recliner was designed by planner Eames1956Annual planning is still popular today.

The Eames recliner shows the product's search for function and beauty.