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Easy to ignore renovation details

No matter what kind of home decoration, there are some places that we need to pay attention to and are easily overlooked, which affects the quality of decoration. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about what is in this renovation.localNeedweNote is easy to ignore.


01 porch

1. When choosing the porch shoe cabinet, you can choose the louver door, which can deodorize. If you have a beriberi in your home, you should choose the louver door shoe.

2. A socket can be placed next to the shoe cabinet, which makes it easy to use the winter shoe dryer.

3. Make a small storage cabinet on the side of the shoe cabinet, which can be used to place the commonly used keys or umbrellas. It is very convenient, and these small things are saved and can be found when needed. To.


02 kitchen

1. The layout of the kitchen socket is still very particular. You can design a socket under the cabinet, which can be used to install the kitchen treasure or the garbage disposal. Don't think that if you don't use it for a while, you won't stay. It doesn't matter if you put it there. But if you don't have it when you use it, you're in trouble. Everyone knows that it's neither safe nor beautiful to pull wires in the kitchen.

2. Install a small lamp in the place where the vegetables are cut, which will make it easier for the hostess to cook, especially if the main light is not bright enough, or when it is far away from the place where the vegetables are cut.

3. Now most of the cabinets are all in one piece. If there are problems, the replacement is a big project. Therefore, when the cabinet is made, the veneer should be installed on both the inside and the outside of the cabinet door to prevent the cabinet door from being deformed.


03 living room, dining room

1. At the time of decoration, the money on the materials must not be saved. It must be guaranteed that the quality is guaranteed, especially the floor. Because the indoor floor is trampled all day, it also bears the weight of the furniture. The service life of poor quality flooring is greatly shortened, and it is very inconvenient to repair in the future. And everyone knows that whether it is ceramic tiles or wooden flooring, there will always be differences in the color of different batches of products. Therefore, you must buy enough at one time, otherwise there will be a color difference when you replace it, and it looks very unattractive.

2. Indoors can be installed with a ground metal socket, which is flush with the ground and will pop up when the foot is stepped on the socket. Beautiful and convenient, but the price will be slightly more expensive. However, if it is placed under the table of the restaurant, it is used to insert the hot pot line, which effectively avoids the trouble of pulling the thread back and forth.

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